Recording studio listening to success


Loren Bartley says that when she started recording podcasts in her dressing room six years ago, she wished there was a recording studio in Wyndham that she could use.

Ms. Bartley is the owner of Business Addicts Coworking at Hoppers Crossing and a digital marketing agency.

She is also the co-host and producer of Business Addicts The Podcast, which started in 2015.

His dreams of a Wyndham-based recording studio finally came true after opening a professional recording studio at Business Addicts Coworking.

The new studio was partially funded by a $ 10,000 grant from the Small Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund at Wyndham Council.

Ms Bartley said Business Addicts Coworking had received numerous requests from local businesses asking for a soundproof recording studio.

“We had access to all the equipment, but we didn’t have a specially designed soundproof space, so we weren’t able to meet this need before,” she said.

“Having a professional studio like this will help businesses improve the quality of their marketing and delivery of their digital products.

“We expect the space to be very popular with small businesses looking to create content for their online training courses, membership programs, and other instructional videos.”

Ms Bartley said the recording studio is also suitable for other podcasters, YouTubers and content creators.

“It will be great for local businesses and at the same time help generate a new source of income for Business Addicts Coworking as we try to recover from some incredibly tough few years due to business closures,” she said. declared.

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