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LEAP, a next-gen sports discovery and endorsement platform, signs original Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King as an advisory board member. As an official advisory board member, King will leverage his experience and expertise in the gaming industry and product development to support the upcoming launch of the LEAP platform, grow the global LEAP community, and serve as a word and evangelist for society.

The meteoric rise of the mobile gaming industry over the past few years peaked in 2021 with the generation of $93.2 billion, more than the recorded music and box office industries combined. To continue this growth in the coming decades, industry leaders will find ways to adopt game-changing technologies making leaps and bounds in gaming, including within the blockchain and Web 3.0 ecosystem. Conversely, Web 3.0 companies looking to shake things up could benefit from the expertise of gaming industry veterans.

By recruiting King to join the LEAP team as an advisory board member, the company is adding a real asset to its team with decades of experience and expertise in developing high-quality video games. King will apply his gaming industry experience and knowledge to provide critical insights to LEAP as it prepares for the platform’s launch.

Jamie King co-founded Rockstar Games, the game studio behind the hugely successful GTA franchise, as well as Red Dead Redemption, Bully, Midnight Club and countless other popular games. As Vice President of Development at Rockstar, King was responsible for recruiting and managing the core team of engineers that built the acclaimed Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) used for GTA, Red Dead Redemption, and games. other Rockstar games.

Beginning in 2018, King served as Head of Esports for Engine Shop, where he worked with major clients including MLB, MLS, NHL, Anheser Bush, Twitch, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. During his time at Engine Shop, King won a few Tempest esports awards, three Chief Marketer Pro Awards, a 34th Sports Emmy nomination, and a Silver Clio for Bud Light’s BL6 game console. King currently works as Vice President of Marketing for Solace Lifesciences Inc., where he is part of the team responsible for NuCalm, the world’s only patented and clinically proven neuro-acoustic technology that reduces stress and improves sleep without need medication.

Through LEAP, young athletes can showcase their skills in short videos uploaded to the platform. Working specifically with young athletes from poor and isolated communities, LEAP brings together a digital community of young sporting talent and talent scouts to help athletes not only gain recognition, but also be rewarded according to their levels of competence and their continued commitment to the sport. Activities. The app features a custom video maker, LEAP Studio, with specific filters, sticks, and add-ons to help talent better showcase their individual skills based on their sport. Talents can use the videos to challenge each other in LEAP DARE battles, where the community votes for who they think has done the skill the best, and winning will increase the value and rarity of users’ NFT Player Card.

“A gaming maverick like Jamie King will help LEAP not only grow our community, but also advance the integration of sports and gaming into a Web3.0 environment,” said Omri Lachman, CEO and Co-Founder. of LEAP. “We are beyond excited to have Jamie on our team as an advisor and have no doubt he will do a tremendous job representing LEAP, building credibility and bringing our product closer to the people who can benefit most from it. .”

“I’m excited to be part of the LEAP team because their platform is innovative and unique, something I’ve never seen before,” says Jamie King. “LEAP’s product aims to correct a major blind spot in the sports industry, namely the lack of growth opportunities for athletes from isolated and disadvantaged communities around the world. I like the gamification aspect of LEAP’s platform but I particularly like the way it aims to democratize the sports industry.

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