Reorganization of rewards for the John Lewis and Waitrose Partnership credit card


Is it worth keeping the Partnership card?

If you do a lot of shopping with Waitrose or John Lewis, it might be worth keeping the card for these expenses, as the rewards you get there are already decent and increasing – starting in September you will get $ 1 back. , 25% on your spending in the form of John Lewis and Waitrose vouchers.

Yet while the John Lewis and Waitrose partnership’s credit card is regularly featured on as one of our best store reward credit cards in recent years, the rate he pays on other expenses now can be easily beaten – and this is even more so from September, when he will pay only 0.25% on other expenses.

Other premium cards comfortably beat the rate the John Lewis and Waitrose partnership card will pay on other expenses – and during an introductory period, they will pay even more on John Lewis and Waitrose purchases. Our top picks right now are:

  • The toll free Amex Platinum everyday card, which offers 5% cash back for six months (max £ 100 cash back), then offers between 0.5% and 1% cash back on all expenses. You need to spend at least £ 3,000 / year to get a refund. Although Amex is not accepted everywhere, you can pay with it at Waitrose and John Lewis. Repay FULL monthly to avoid 22.2% APR interest.
  • If you spend more than £ 10,000 per year, the Amex Platinum the card is a better option. It has a fee of £ 25 / year, but you can earn 5% cashback for six months (max £ 125 cashback) and then 1% -1.25% cashback. Repay FULL each month to avoid 27.3% APR representative interest (including fees).

For more information and options, see our Credit card rewards to guide.


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