Richard Dreyfuss of the Murder in Yellowstone City


The Oscar-winning actor appears in the new Western set for a June 24 release.

Richard Dreyfuss has been behind the bar and in the Wild West ever since Murder in Yellowstone City, director Richard Gray’s standout indie drama slated for a theatrical and digital release on June 24. The Oscar-winning actor is part of a strong ensemble cast that also includes Gabriel Byrne (The usual suspects), Thomas Jeanne (Suspended), Isaiah Mustafa (Shadow Hunters), Anna Camp (true blood), Tanaya Beatty (Yellowstone), Aimée Garcia (Lucifer), Emma Kenny (The Conners), Nat Wolff (The stall) and John Ales (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll).

Dreyfuss (pictured above with Isaiah Mustafa) joined the other cast while filming on location at the Yellowstone Film Ranch, a western town and backlot director Gray and his team have built over two years in Paradise Valley, Montana, where Gray and his young family now reside.

“After exploring almost every western city and backcountry in North America,” says Gray, “we built Yellowstone City from the ground up in Montana. It took over two years, with many Covid delays, but it gave us time to think about every scene, every beat, the weather – every season’s look. Watch the city grow from scratch. The area in which we built [Paradise Valley] was called Yellowstone City in the 1850s, and now it’s back.

Murder in Yellowstone City is the first of what Gray hopes will be many feature films shot in the new location.

“I was so excited to read the script,” said the Australian-born director. “[Scriptwriter Eric Belgau] does such a fabulous job. Murder mystery westerns are rare, it was super cool and quirky, but there’s always such a classic western here and that’s what really impressed me. At its heart, we are dealing with fascinating characters, with important decisions to be made. We are dealing with social injustice and what people are willing to do to seek the truth. What are they willing to do for true justice? They risk their lives, they lose their lives – our heroes ultimately aren’t ready to stay silent, and that’s what this movie rocks. There are themes, moments and truths that are incredibly relevant, yesterday and today.

We spoke with Richard Dreyfuss this week about his role in Murder in Yellowstone Cityand why he was looking forward to being part of the film.

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