Riot Games acquires support studio for World Of Tanks and World Of Warships



Valorant and League Of Legends developers Riot Games have completed their purchase of Wargaming Sydney, a support studio that previously worked on World Of Tanks and World Of Warships. The studio, which has been part of Wargaming since 2012, will be rebranded as Riot Sydney. They will switch to work on Riot’s live games including Valorant and League Of Legends.

The recently rebranded Riot Sydney is one of Australia’s largest development studios and has been around for over 25 years. “The Rioters who have had the opportunity to work with members of the Sydney team are confident not only in the technology they have built over the years, but, more importantly, in the people who have it. built,” said the Riot co-founder. Mark Merrill. Wargaming Sydney’s Bigworld Technology middleware is what saw them join Wargaming a decade ago, but that’s not part of the acquisition.

We ranked Valorant among the 25 best FPS games to play on PC recently. The game launched in 2020, and Matt (RPS in Peace) had a mixed time with it for his Valorant review. “Valorant’s shooter is as heavy and precise as CS:GO’s, with a structure that hits all the same highs and lows. great to play on a team of friendly, coordinated buddies.If and when they go down, I expect me to too.

Valorant is a free download from the Epic Games Store.

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