RØDE launches new professional studio arm, the PSA1 +


If you are a content creator (podcasters, streamers or broadcasters), RØDE has just announced a new premium and professional looking studio arm, the PSA1 +.

It follows the success of the professional studio arm PSA1 with a new design and premium features.

With an innovative parallelogram spring design, the PSA1 + enables precise placement with stability and smooth movement. It comes with fully cushioned internal springs for completely quiet operation in case you need to move the arm during the voice recording session.

It also comes with rubber contact mounts for superior insulation against shock, bumps, and keyboard clicks to further ensure that your content creation is a smooth experience.

When it comes to microphone support, RØDE PSA1 + supports a wide range of microphone weights ranging from 94 grams to 1.2 kilograms. With extended range and 360 degree rotation, you can position your microphone any way you want to get the best recording possible.

And of course, to keep things tidy on your desk, there’s a built-in cable management system for XLR and USB cables.

A threaded desk stand and a sturdy desk clamp are included in the package, giving you options on how you want to set up your production environment.

RØDE PSA1 + is available now for purchase and feel free to visit the official product page for more information.

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