Root Natives and Lifelong Friends Launch New Music and Podcast Production Studio




KENOSHA — A locally owned and operated music and podcast production studio officially opened on Saturday afternoon with a bang.

StreamStudios, 4211 43rd St., hosted a grand community opening celebration with live entertainment and food. The event also showcased StreamStudios state-of-the-art digital recording studio.

Luis Santana, let, talks to studio co-owner Lucas Webb during the grand opening ceremony at StreamStudios, located at 4211 43rd St., Kenosha, on Saturday.


Co-owner Joshua Stephany said it is a one-of-a-kind recording and production space for southeast Wisconsin, offering music production and recording, mixing, mastering, voiceover work and more.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Stephany said. “We wanted to create a place where people could come and do a bit of everything. We have a photography studio, we have a podcast studio, and we have the studio itself and the demo booth. People can rent time, come in and write songs with us. We do everything from production, to voice over work, to anything related to audio or video.

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Fellow sound engineer Tony Heathley presents a gift to Lucas Webb, right, during the grand opening ceremony at StreamStudios, located at 4211 43rd St., on Saturday, November 11, 2022.



Lucas Webb, left, chats with Nick Kiesler during the grand opening ceremony at StreamStudios, located at 4211 43rd St., on Saturday.


Stephany, 33, and co-founder Lucas Webb, 33, have 30 years of combined musical experience, from hip-hop and rock to classical and musical theater. Both are natives of Racine and friends for life.

“It’s the best, really the best,” Webb said. “We’ve been doing it away from home for so long, but now we can come home where everything is set up as it should be.”

The duo also create DMCA-free (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) music playlists for digital video streamers on Twitch and YouTube that creators can use for free without fear of their content being demonetized.

More information can be found online or by following them on Spotify. To book an appointment or a visit, contact 262-748-1033 or [email protected]

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