Rootcode Studio launched to make Sri Lanka a great design destination


From left to right: Rootcode Founder/CEO Alagan Mahalingam, Rootcode Studio Head Lishni Tilakaratne, and Rootcode Partner/COO Mangala Perera during the panel discussion

Sri Lanka is an emerging destination for its world-class software and engineering capabilities, but complementing that is its hidden talent for design, and in bringing that talent to a global stage, Rootcode Labs, a company Software product engineering leader recently launched its new subsidiary, Root Code Studio.

The launch took place on January 29 at the Mont Blanc Ballroom – Movenpick Hotel with the participation of some of the renowned icons leading the country’s tech landscape.

As one of Sri Lanka’s premier high-end design studios, Rootcode Studio seeks to help businesses realize the power of great design in transforming their brands and ideas. Rootcode has helped many companies with mobile and web applications, AI solutions, scalable minimum viable products (MVPs), product design and prototyping, and software quality auditing.

Its diverse team of UI/UX designers, product designers, design consultants, strategists and creatives will support each project by challenging conventional thinking in terms of strategy and execution to ensure the ideal product that exceeds all possible expectations.

Its services will include UI/UX Design which is bespoke, user experience focused, personalized to the client’s brand style, UX Audit to assess and update existing products through its immense expertise in this field, UX Research which involves scientific study methods to recognize the mindsets and pain points of end-users of the product.

Rootcode Studio’s (3i) design process first involves “Immerse”; to gain an effective end-user perspective, the result being an immersion map that includes user expectations, mindset, and search results, secondly “Ideate”; take a direction and integrate the team to further explore and clarify pain points, and thirdly; ‘Innovate’; provide a range of solutions from multiple perspectives, including user research carried out through prototype testing and when identifying the ideal design, to provide optimal UX.

Rootcode Studio will also provide clients with end-to-end UX guidance, empowering them to make UX decisions that drive impactful results, design thinking workshops to educate teams and client groups on UI/UX designs through to knowledge transfer and sharing strategies, MVPs that are ideal for start-up companies and develop understandable and reusable design systems used to maintain brand consistency at all levels.

Early last year, Rootcode launched Rootcode AI with the aim of providing game-changing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enable businesses facing some of the most complex problems, drawing on its vast experience in in terms of architecture and production, research and industrial quality. applications and strategies, including computer vision, natural language processing, business process optimization, anomaly detection, intelligent data processing, complex document analysis and processing, and mining of text using state-of-the-art technologies and practices.

In a short time, Rootcode has seen significant growth over the years. Headquartered in Sri Lanka with offices in Estonia and San Francisco – USA, the software product engineering company primarily targets the European, US and Asian markets. Rootcode’s clientele ranges from companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange to startups, generating over $240 million from the software it has built.

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