Rumor: Xbox Boss teases various studio purchases


We are in the era of mergers and acquisitions, with Microsoft at the helm. Xbox has acquired companies and publishers in recent years, including Bethesda, Ninja Theory, and Double Fine Entertainment. If you think the Xbox is happy with what it has, think again. Xbox director Phil Spencer said further acquisitions are still on the table, despite claims he is looking to Sega, Square Enix, IO Interactive, Avalanche Studios and Crystal Dynamics.

“So we’re always looking for people who we think would be a good game and teams who would be a good game with our strategy. So we are certainly not finished. There is no quota. There’s no timeline where I have to go and acquire studios for a while, but if we find a studio where we have a good fit, we share what we’re trying to do and what they’re trying to do, and if we feel like we can both get better together, absolutely. “It’s one of the privileges we have to be at Microsoft and to have the ability to take a long-term approach, and adding amazing creators to portfolios is a big part of that. “

Of course, Spencer doesn’t disclose anything specific, but he does note that there is no quota or timeline. If a deal makes sense to all parties, a deal will be made, a luxury afforded to Spencer and his team thanks to Microsoft’s massive war chest.

Of course, besides gobbling up intellectual property and talent, one of the great attractions of studio acquisition is that it’s easier to buy a pre-existing studio than to build one from it. zero. What is tricky though, is managing these teams, especially if they have their own unique culture. To that end, Spencer is very pleased with the business he and his team have done so far.

“I’m really proud of some of the creators who chose to be a part of Xbox,” Spencer said. “So many of these creators, they have a choice. If you look at some of the people that we have acquired and partnered with, these are people that we have had a long term relationship with, and they are now integrated into Xbox and they see our roadmap on platform and service, and I want to allow them to do their most amazing creative work on this team. ”

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  • Xbox Boss teases various studio purchases
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