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There is a wide range of career opportunities in the booming video game industry. Any of these positions are great career choices if you decide to pursue them. The gaming world can be quite a competitive region, where there are tons of professional gamers all looking to pursue a career in the gaming industry. Creativity and passion for gaming are crucial qualities to work in this industry .

With the plethora of career opportunities in the gaming industry, hang out with your Nintendo consoles, follow your favorite wrestlers or preview NBA betting won’t be your only way to be passionate about gaming – you could help create a real video game and turn it into a career you find rewarding. Below are five rewarding career opportunities in the gaming industry.

QA tester for games

Alright, first of all. Game testing does not mean that someone spends their working hours playing video games as an end user would. It is serious work. The game tester was playing games during construction, long before they became finished products. They were testing unfinished games to see if they had any bugs to fix.

The main responsibility of the tester is to play the most recent version or “build” of the game and check if everything in the game works as expected. They should report any defects found when “reading” the build version. These features are called quality assurance – ensuring that a game comes out with the highest quality.

A daily routine in a QA tester’s work schedule involves testing games and corresponding with the game production team. Some QA testers work alone with the game build (called “black box” testers), while other testers may be able to access source code and help developers debug (also called white box or gray box).

The QA tester plays an important role in the gaming industry as they are the last line of defense in the production chain before games reach gamers. A failure on the part of the tester could mean that many gamers will be disappointed when they discover that their game is full of bugs and crashes.

video game programmer

Video game programmers use programming languages ​​like C++ and Java to pre-inform the computer on how to turn all content and artwork input into a working game. In the most technical role in the industry, most programmers either have a degree in computer science or learn programming at a game company.

A typical day for a video game programmer involves coding, executing codes, receiving correspondence from QA testers, and implementing game features. Programmers typically have different subspecialty teams that focus on predefined areas. For example, while one team takes care of the AI ​​and characters, another takes care of the server code, and another oversees the graphics.

Video game programmers need deep technical knowledge of their field, but they also need a lot of focus and patience in the studio. Generally, programmers are the highest paid professionals in the gaming industry.

Video game designer

The role of a video game artist requires strong artistic talent. It’s one of the toughest roles in the video game industry. The ideal artist is good with different art tools that help create digital content, like Autodesk Maya or Photoshop.

The concept artist imagines and plans the mood and appearance of the game’s scenes and characters. They are responsible for the style and appearance of the game. They are also the first to draw the environments, enemies and characters players. These professionals work with a brief from the producer, while their sketches help 3D artists, producers, programmers, and editors get a better overview of the game.

Voice acting for games

Voice acting is increasingly becoming an important part of game development, raising the bar for many games into memorable experiences. Video game actors work with voice directors and game developers to bring compelling narratives to life, while working at home or in recording studios. Video game voice artists could be employed through auditions and outreach, before delivering high-quality performances in longer voice recording sessions.

Video game dubbing is an intensely collaborative process that typically requires a fundamental knowledge of sound editing and sound engineering for those operating outside of a home studio.

Game Content Creator

To become a video game content creator, you will need a gaming machine to play games on. It’s easy if you work with a PC. Just go for OBS and play games that way. If you prefer to work with a console, you may need a dedicated capture card.

Next, you’ll need a high-quality microphone and webcam so your online followers can see your face. In addition to releasing their gaming content to subscribers, gaming content creators also network with other content creators to access new audiences or environments. Of course, content creators need social media because that’s where the followers are. It is certainly advantageous to be present on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as a video game content creator.


The above list is some of the most rewarding career opportunities in the gaming industry. With the pace of increasing market capitalization in the industry, the number of jobs is potentially on the rise. If you are considering a career in this industry, you might want to check out one of the careers above.

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