Santa Monica Studio Reveals Over 70 Accessibility Features In God Of War Ragnarök



God of War Ragnarok will be released next week and ahead of the game’s release, developer Santa Monica Studio has revealed over 70 accessibility features in the game.

PlayStation has increasingly emphasized the importance of accessibility in games with each new release and Ragnarok is no different. The studio has been pretty open with its accessibility desires, detailing over 60 in a blog post earlier this year. Now that the game is out on November 9, the studio has released an even more detailed post explaining exactly what to expect.

Santa Monica Studio says there are over 70 features in Ragnarok that “allow players to customize the gameplay experience to suit their needs” and the list is a sight to behold. It also includes lots of presets, which could make it easy for gamers to start the game in a way that enhances the experience for them. Presets include one for visual accessibility, auditory accessibility, motion reduction, motor accessibility app, and a modified setting indicator.

There are alternate control schemes, remappable buttons, hold and tap options, in-game assist settings and much more. If you’re interested in Ragnarok’s accessibility features, be sure to check out the full blog post.

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