Saudi content creators set up local production studio


“Located in Jeddah, we started Karkand Productions when we realized we didn’t have a professional space for content creators. As YouTubers we struggled to make professional videos and thought there must be a lot of creators struggling too, ”Karkand co-founder Al-Kiyadi told Arab News .

Co-founder Al-Saggaf said Karkand provided a comfortable space for creators. “Basically the creator can book a room per hour and that room has soundproof walls, microphones, cameras, and we can edit anything for the creator,” he said. “Once the video is produced, we email it to the creator. “

“We have the technology, just bring your idea and come. “


• For content creators, videos attract viewers and should be done well. The issues of background noise, poor lighting, and finding the right setting can be intimidating for those new to the business.

• According to the founders, whether the videos are about games, unwrapping gifts, beauty and makeup tutorials, or fashion, anyone can visit Karkand Productions and create a professional music video.

Al-Kiyadi said they were trying to create an environment and space for online content creators who were struggling to find a place to film their content, and Karkland provided professional video and audio solutions using their experience. in multimedia.

The idea behind the name was to have an identity based on a creature. “As we also do a lot of video editing during the post-production phase, we wanted a unique name that was both Arabic and easily pronounced in English. The closest name we could find was lobster, which in Arabic translates to karkand. “

Al-Saggaf said one of the obstacles encountered was the price bracket. “As this is our first commercial venture, normal obstacles have been encountered and many lessons have been learned as well. Understanding market prices and assessing our real value against the local market, and finding the right location, was important to building the right foundation from our launch.

“Karkand is a first of its kind locally, you could say it’s a monopoly, and we’re trying to be more flexible with schedules and restrictions since we’re dealing with a creative field.”

Al-Saggaf said that in addition to their main target audience – online content creators – they also welcome business owners who are looking to advertise their products and services.

Vision 2030 has raised awareness about media and content creation, he said. “Interest in online content development is growing among people, and there are a lot of future YouTubers, including many Saudi women, entering the online content realm. They are more than welcome to book a room with us, the price range is affordable ranging from around 300 SR ($ 80) per hour.

Al-Saggaf advised young content creators to start with a small amount to “assess your strength and find your weakness, follow your passion and specialize in one area”.

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