Scottish Outlander studio complex sold to US film consortium

Outlander has been manufactured at Wardpark Studios in Cumbernauld since 2013.

Wardpark Studios, in Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, has joined the growing studio portfolio formed by a powerful industry consortium.

He announced his intention to set up London’s biggest film and television studio last year and only acquired two of Ireland’s two biggest studios.

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The deal for Wardpark involves California real estate group Hackman Capital Partners (HCP), its studio operator subsidiary, MBS Group, and New York-based investment firm Square Mile Capital Partners.

Outlander has been manufactured at Wardpark Studios in Cumbernauld since 2013.

Wardpark was transformed under the leadership of real estate developer Terry Thomson, who struck a deal for the former warehouse complex to become Outlander’s home in 2013.

The complex has over 200,000 square feet of studio space on a 14-acre campus, which includes five sound stages, production offices, workshops and an external green screen.

The success of the show, which has just been renewed for a seventh season, has helped the development of new studios in Bathgate, Leith and Glasgow in recent years.

Michael Hackman, Founder of Hackman Capital Partners, said: “We are delighted to add Wardpark to our distinguished portfolio and

delighted to enter the Scottish production market.

“Wardpark has been a powerful catalyst for growth in the country’s creative sector and Scotland has become an important filming destination for international content creators, in part thanks to its lush landscapes and competitive tax credits, as well. than its pool of top talent. “

Square Mile Capital Managing Director Craig Soloman said, “This acquisition of Wardpark Studios will prove to be a great addition to the ownership and operation platform of our world-class studio properties partnership.

“We look forward to participating and contributing to the further growth of the Scottish entertainment industry as global demand for high quality film and television content shows no signs of slowing down. “

Mr Thomson, Chairman of Wardpark Studios, said: ‘Scotland has a long history as a filming location, and this announcement cements my ambition to make Scotland one of the world’s leading film production centers. and high-end television series. .

“Demand is unstoppable, but we have to compete in a global market to attract inbound productions, and the membership of HCP and MBS is the first step in the future growth of the industry in Scotland. “

The sale of the Outlander studio has been hailed by the Scottish Government and reflects “the growing confidence in Scotland as a world-class destination for film and television”.

Scottish Culture Secretary Angus Robertson said: “Wardpark film and television studios play an important role in our dynamic and rapid growth.

screen industry, and Hackman Capital Partners and The MBS Group will continue to promote this first-class production facility to the international market.

“Scottish studios, including Wardpark, provide excellent training and learning opportunities for the many young people who are attracted to careers in production.

“We are committed to growing our screen infrastructure to capitalize on the unprecedented interest in bringing international productions to Scotland and to developing a sustainable creative economy. “

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