Sennheiser launches HD 400 PRO studio headphones


By Eli Duxson

The ideal headset for studio managers and content creators

Sennheiser’s highly anticipated HD 400 PRO studio headphones were recently released and should top any gift list this holiday season for studio devotees and content creators.

What would you like to know:

  • Sennheiser’s HD 400 PRO studio headphones have been released.
  • Designed for precision, space and comfort, the open-back on-ear studio headphones are the ideal headphones for content creators.
  • The headphones are available now for AU $ 449.

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Designed for precision, space and comfort, open back earloop HD 400 PRO studio headphones are the perfect companion for creators looking for natural and precise sound reproduction to accurately assess their audio mixes.

They offer a wide frequency response from 6 to 38 kHz to give music producers the full count of their bass, while accurately reproducing audio beyond the audible frequency range, giving you access to nuanced harmonics. and ambience in your music, while revealing a low-end articulate.

The headphone transducers are angled slightly to carefully recreate the optimal listening position you would place yourself in with monitor speakers in a recording studio, while the open-back design also ensures natural sound propagation for offer space.

With comfort at the forefront for long-lasting users as are many blenders and masters, an ultralight frame positions the ear cups in place, gently squeezing the ears with minimal pressure. Soft velor ear pads and open circumaural design provide enough ventilation to keep ears cool during long mixing sessions.

The headphones come with a 3 meter coiled cable and a 1.8 meter straight cable, both equipped with a 3.5 mm (1/8 “) jack socket for portable sources, with a 6.3 adapter mm (1/4 “) included, for flexibility.

The headphones are available now for AU $ 449.

Meet at Sennheiser website for more information.

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