Sharon Stone was banned from a studio for years after vouched for Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe


Sharon Stone isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. The actor is known for standing up for his beliefs even in the face of intense scrutiny. But the catwoman The star’s strength was tested when she vouched for Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio to work alongside her on a film.

After some setback, Stone got what she wanted. But unfortunately, Stone faced serious consequences for helping two of Hollywood’s future megastars.

Why Russell Crowe credited Sharon Stone for her career

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In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Crowe shared his humble beginnings as an actor. Like most budding Hollywood stars, her rise to fame didn’t happen overnight. the Gladiator The actor went through the process of trying to find work, but got nothing for his efforts other than polite rejections.

“I used to say my LA theory was that you gotta be careful because they’ll please you to death,” Crowe told Meyers (via People.) “They’ll please you so much you think that everything will be fine for you. , and then you realize X times later that you got nothing out of all that kindness.

But Crowe persevered and eventually caught the eye of Sharon Stone. Stone would later recommend Crowe for Sam Raimi’s Western Dead or alive.

“It took me about 18 months or more and literally hundreds and hundreds of meetings before I got an American gig,” he added. “I only got it because Sharon Stone saw a movie I was in.”

Sharon Stone was banned from the studio after wanting to work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe

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Sharon Stone faced a lot of backlash for her choices in Sam Raimi Dead or alive. Crowe went into more detail about the kind of tough battles Stone faced while trying to get him involved.

“She was kind of in a sword fight with the male producers of the movie and she just put her foot down and said, ‘I’m going to hire the person I want to hire as love,'” he said. revealed.

Likewise, it’s not just his drive to sign Russell Crowe that has caused tension. Stone also wanted to cast Leonardo DiCaprio for the film. But she revealed that if DiCaprio joined the project, it would cost him money out of his own pocket. The ensuing conflict between Stone and the studio would result in the studio taking serious action against Stone.

“I had so much resistance on this movie,” Stone told the Zurich Film Festival according to Variety. “I wanted Leo DiCaprio: ‘Pay it with your own money.’ I wanted Russell Crowe: ‘Why do you want this guy who’s only played a skinhead before?’ I wanted Sam Raimi to realize, “Sharon, why are you still shooting yourself in the foot? They banned me from the studio for eight years after that.”

But for Crowe, Stone beating for him despite the potential ramifications was a true testament to his strength.

“If it hadn’t been for her strength of commitment, I don’t know how long it would have taken before I got an American movie. I have to thank her a lot,” he said.

Sharon Stone couldn’t find a job for 20 years after reaching a certain age

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Sharon Stone stood in solidarity with women in the industry who could now continue to work in Hollywood. She noted how, after reaching a certain age herself, some of the acting opportunities stopped drying up for the icon.

“I’m grateful that women can work now, but I haven’t – not for 20 years. I watched this video yesterday. There was all this work, then no work, then ‘Ratched’. Because when I turned 40, it was over. More work for Sharon,” Stone said.

But his moratorium on acting allowed Stone to pursue more endeavors concerning the world and his own family. Despite the economic downsides, it allowed Stone to feel the kind of success she was proud to know.

“Karmically, it worked very well. Financially, not so much. I feel that my greatest achievement is to survive. It’s a big deal to survive in a business like this,” she said.

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