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NEW ORLEANS – Sidewalk side studioin collaboration with Workspace Scale and Golden, presents an exhibition in the NFT gallery. Running March 26 through June 25, NFT=ART will feature over 30 original NFT works by Frenchy, Regina Scully, Jerin Beasley, Tito Rodriguez, Andi Allen, Monica Rose Kelly, Cheria Scaffidi, Lindsey Roussel, Anne Lipscomb, Rachael Noto, Lindsay Gustafson, Farrah Ross, Charm Taylor and J. Mack Ent.

An NFT primer, courtesy of Sidewalk Side:

“NFTs are like certificates of authenticity that live on a fully transparent, digital ledger called the blockchain. This is valuable because they prove who owns something. Not only does NFT establish indisputable ownership, but it also allows artists to collect royalties on their work forever, even if that work is sold by the original collector.

“NFTs and web3 are impacting absolutely every industry and we are seeing a growing web3 community emerge in New Orleans,” said Patrick Comer, Founder and CEO of Lucid, Louisiana’s first tech unicorn. “This is a historic moment for our city and an incredible opportunity to tap into a new stream of prosperity.” Comer will preview his upcoming NFT project to the public at NFT=ART.

NFTs can include “unlocks” such as VIP access, live shows, physical paintings, spiritual healing sessions, or even charitable donations. Thus, all artists exhibiting in NFT=ART will donate part of their profits to local charities of their choice.

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