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After going nearly 5 years without releasing a song, legendary reggae artist, Charles Sinetre, is finally back in the studios with serious business, as he looks to drop a “kamikaze drone” on November 9, 2022.

The former Alleluya frontman is set to release his song titled “Musamatero” in which he featured the ever-versatile musician, Nepman.

According to Sinetre, Musamatero is a genesis of his musical series project “the story of the poor” which he is currently working on and which will see him release singles every three months.

He added that the story of the poor depicts a wide range of difficulties that the poor face in their daily lives, associated with various social injustices within societies.

“Well, I had to sit down and analyze the different issues facing the poor and try to put them into a musical context,” he said.

The Balaka-based icon, known in musical circles as “reggae’s ambassador”, said the project will see him write a book but also shoot a film which will expose all the sub-themes featured in the songs.

The reggae ambassador added that he used Nepman in Musamatero because of his “militant” voice which he describes as having the ability to convey advocacy messages.

He said, “When you want to plead, you don’t have to be soft but strong. Nepman has all the skills in him.

Sinetre who has 7 albums to his credit said the public should only expect the best adding that the scale did not go down but he came out more amplified.

Recorded and produced by Felix Ziyade at Honor and Gloria studio in Blantyre, a snippet of Musamatero’s lyrics reads: ‘Chamba ndi Ganja zimasiyana chani? Kanundu ndi ndudu zimasiyana chani? chamba chonyamulira mu jumbo ndi chamba chonyamulira mu truck chimasiyana bwanji?

Ndikuti osauka ndi chilungamo anayambana chani? Judge Kaya chilungamo zitanthauza chani?’

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