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You have to live under the rock not to have been infected by the Coke Studio 14 craze. The final season is probably the best thing to happen to Pakistan in a while. With the devastation of COVID-19 and a two-year hiatus from the franchise, fans indeed wanted a return of the much-loved studio production to finally feel alive.

Driven by the magic of Zulfiqar Khan, the season connected young and older generations through a common musical language. Each release brought new energy, raising the bar higher than before, leaving music lovers in awe of the country’s artists and their unparalleled talents.

Whether it’s pop, rock or qawali, this season brought a song to celebrate every mood and state of mind, and that was the real spell!

From Pasoori for Kana Yaarihere are our top six favorite CS tracks this season.


With a reggaeton-inspired melody, Pasoori effortlessly took the music scene by storm, placing her at the top of this list. Fans were excited to anticipate that Ali Sethi’s magical voice would be part of season 14. However, even the biggest music fanatic didn’t think it would be Shae Gill’s perfect melodious voice to do the honor of leave listeners speechless. The bohemian track not only left fans in awe of its quirky beats, but the release also stood out with its mesmerizing video that lives up to the high standards of past seasons with a round of applause for Sheema Kermani – an old woman seen dancing in the video . Although the hitmakers hoped the song would transcend borders, the massive success of the tracks even across borders came as a surprise to many.

You Jhoom

Coke Studio 14: Six soul songs that make us vibrate

One of Coke Studio’s most beloved seasons kicked off with the soulful vocals of legendary singers – Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal, setting the bar too high with the hit song Tu Jhoom. Since its release in January, the song has ruled the hearts of music lovers thanks to a melodious stunner and the perfectly blended galvanic vocals of the Sufi singer and Punjabi music icon as they took charge of leading listeners towards deep but calm balance. The much-loved track continues to celebrate life as its lyrics sing of the triumph of selflessness while acknowledging self-respect and self-love amid the well-maintained ethereal vibe of the dancers,

Phir Milenge

Coke Studio 14: Six soul songs that make us vibrate

The final song of this season naturally raised high expectations in light of the record chartbusters that came before – and Coke Studio did not disappoint. CS bosses have lived up to their reputation for bringing fusion never seen before. Featuring a collaboration between the legendary Faisal Kapadia and new age sensations Young Stunners, the track lifted listeners into another realm, before leaving them wanting more. Ahead of the season premiere, Zulfi assured big surprises for the youngsters and this song is living proof of the promise. While Faisal brought back the halcyon days of Strings with his supreme vocals, Young Stunners added to the hype with their intense rapping, giving off a performance worthy of goosebumps overall. Adding the orchestra just took the song to a whole new level.


Coke Studio 14: Six soul songs that make us vibrate

We didn’t know what the resonance sounded like until we heard Goes. The collaboration between Abdullah Siddiqui and Atif Aslam left fans spellbound with its raw lyrics and contrasting vocals, leaving them hooked for hours. This goofy hyperpop track, as Abdullah likes to describe it, rose when the energy of Atif Aslam was brought in, bringing new energy to the ballad. The track promises to fuel the emotions, especially during the high notes, while taking you to another world of vulnerability and empowerment, both at the same time.

Yeh Dunya

Coke Studio 14: Six soul songs that make us vibrate

Whatever the expectations of the fans, Yeh Dunya proved them wrong with a stellar collaboration from one of the best known Urdu rappers, Talha Anjum and Faris Shafi, as they introduced hip-hop to the rock music of the best – Karakoram.

“Obsessed” would be an understatement to describe the impact the release had on Coke Studio fans who couldn’t help but gush over the track as the trio exuded the same energy as Linkin Park.

While for a very small number of listeners, who were hesitant to bang their heads over the song’s nu-metal beats, they weren’t impressed by the incredibly relevant yet intriguing lyrics.

Kana Yaari

Coke Studio 14: Six soul songs that make us vibrate

Although it is a song in an unfamiliar language, Kana Yaari conquered hearts with their unique music and collaborations. From hijabi rapper Eva B to Kaifi Khalil of Lyari, the Baloch ballad has given emerging talent a bigger platform to shine. This track came with some startling revelations. While fans were already mesmerized by a powerful Episode 1, featuring Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal, Kana Yaari provided an unexpected contrast, setting the tone for a blockbuster season to come.

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