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When split head was first announced, it was clear that Bokeh Game Studio didn’t have much to say just yet. Although its reveal trailer promises an action-packed horror experience, the trailer doesn’t go into great detail about the game’s protagonist, overall plot, or gameplay. It seemed likely that split head, a creation of silent Hill founder Keiichiro Toyama, would remain behind closed doors for a while after his announcements, giving Bokeh Game Studio time to work. However, it now appears that new details about split head could be just around the corner.


Bokeh Game Studio recently announced on Twitter that it was planning to do an AMA, and it encouraged fans to comment with questions about the studio and split head, many of which will be answered in a YouTube video slated for release in early February. Many developers do AMAs, but Bokeh Game Studio’s AMA is unique in that the studio and its game are new to the industry. Giving fans the chance to ask questions directly at this point is a bold move, and this show of confidence may be a good sign for split headthe future.

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Open up about Slitterhead development


After split head caused a stir at The Game Awards 2021, Toyama and the rest of Bokeh offered standard information on the game. In December, Toyama told IGN Japan that the game will feature significant action elements, pitting players against gruesome monsters who can disguise themselves as humans, and it will all be from a third-person perspective. He also highlighted split headwhich is inspired by Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s. Overall though, Toyama made it clear that there’s a lot about split head he can’t — or won’t — say yet, which suggests fans should expect silence.

The next AMA sends the opposite message. It looks like Bokeh will actually be very public about its game’s progress. While the AMA won’t necessarily come with a gameplay reveal or a new trailer, it’s likely that Bokeh will answer at least a few new questions about split head, potentially regarding its similarities to Quiet hill or innovative new mechanics that Toyama has promised. Executing an AMA so soon after announcement split head suggests that Bokeh wants to engage closely with its fans, being more open about split headthroughout development.

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A good omen for Slitterhead

A plane flying right above the dense city where Bokeh Game Studio's Slitterhead takes place

Questions about split head have already started pouring in on the announcement tweet. Bokeh welcoming these questions bodes well for split head as it shows Bokeh’s confidence in the game’s current status and direction. Choosing to host the AMA is also a great decision for Bokeh as a young game studio. This is an opportunity for the team to silent Hill veterans and new staff to bond with split headpotential audience, get an idea of ​​what gamers would like to see in the game, and narrow it down to suit their tastes. This kind of communication gives fans a good reason to trust Bokeh and follow their work closely.

It’s okay if Bokeh avoids answering the big questions about split head in the AMA, like when he might be on his way out. The event sets a standard for Bokeh’s eagerness to discuss split head publicly, which is arguably much more important in the long run. If Bokeh gives frequent updates on the game, it can make fans worry split headand ensuring that the horror title stays on the gaming industry’s mind. Hopefully Bokeh’s AMA will give fans a better picture of split head and start a long series of similar discussions.

split head is currently in development.

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