Sony FX3 becomes the latest Netflix-approved camera


The Sony FX3 has just been added to Netflix’s list of approved cameras, making it one of the smaller and more affordable models to include. With the form factor of Sony Alpha cameras, this full frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is a powerful tool for cinematographers, but it won’t break the bank.

Other Netflix-endorsed cameras aimed more at the consumer market include the Canon EOS C70 (opens in a new tab)the Panasonic S1H (opens in a new tab) and the Sony FX6 (opens in a new tab). Cameras such as the Sony CineAlta Venice 2 (opens in a new tab)Panavision DXL2 and Arri Alexa LF are in the guide, but are aimed at much larger production companies who need the best quality and have a big kit budget.

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For a camera to be approved by Netflix, it must meet certain criteria, such as having a minimum resolution of 3840×2160. It must be able to shoot raw compressed or uncompressed, or have an intraframe codec with 4:2:2 or better chroma subsampling. It must be at least 10-bit and able to shoot at 240 Mbps at 24 fps. Other factors such as dynamic range, stability, workflow, and form factor are also considered before a camera is approved by Netflix.

Recently, the Sony FX3 got firmware update version 2.00, which could be one of the reasons why it is now Netflix approved. It can now grab timecode, but footage must also be shot in S-Gamut3Cine/S-Log3 or S-Gamut3/S-Log3 to be used by Netflix.

Released in 2021, the Sony FX3 was a more cinematic version of the Sony A7S III (opens in a new tab). Although it has the same sensor, ISO range and resolution, unlike the A7S III, it is capable of shooting in S-Cinetone which is used in most of Sony’s cinema cameras. Another big difference is that the Sony FX3 benefits from an internal fan, which means unlimited recording times in most modes and less risk of overheating.

While this news isn’t necessarily going to make anyone buy one, it might make people buy an FX3 over the Sony A7S III, which isn’t on Netflix’s approved camera list despite video quality being poor. very comparable.

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