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At NAB 2022, Sony announced its new HDC-3200 4K Global Shutter camera. It shares the same 2/3 inch 4K HDR image sensor as the HDC-3500.

It’s basically a cheaper version of Sony’s existing HDC-3500.

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Sony says the HDC-3200 features a highly sensitive 4K 3CMOS sensor with a global shutter that allows it to deliver excellent image quality with extremely low noise, even in dimly lit studios. Sony also states that the camera has high dynamic range and supports ITU-R BT.2020 wide color space.

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The camera is compatible with Sony’s new HDLA-3505 and HDLA-3501 large lens adapters for even more flexibility in live production environments. Unlike traditional mounting kits, the adapter provides quick, one-touch mounting of the camera head without the need for tedious wiring and adjustments. Another time-saving feature, the HDC-3200 can be removed from the adapter without having to remove the lens.

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As it features the same ergonomics and workflow as Sony’s HDC family of cameras, the HDC-3200 is compatible with a wide range of camera system accessories including viewfinders, large lens adapters and camera control units.

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The camera can be integrated seamlessly into any ST 2110 production infrastructure either via the HDCU-3500/3100 CCU with IP interface option or using the HDCE Camera Extension Adapter -TX50/TX30.

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The HDC-3200 also supports Sony’s SR Live workflow, reducing the cost and complexity of producing HDR and SDR programs simultaneously by a single team.

The optional HKCU-REC55 can be added to the HDCU-3500 Camera Control Unit so that 4K video and audio can be recorded directly to the CCU, with no need for any other external recording device . Recording can be controlled remotely from the CCU side.

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Three focus positions can be assigned to preset buttons, making it quick and easy to find preset focal positions during live view shooting.

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The camera supports ARIA (Automatic Restoration of Illumination Attenuation) which compensates for exposure ramp and peripheral light loss with compatible zoom lenses.

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The widened camera handle is easy to grip, even with gloves. Visibility through the grip area has also been improved.


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