Spanish Studio Du Cardelin: “Manolo Kabezabolo”, “Calle Varsovia”


The Spanish company Du Cardelin Studio is finalizing the production of the documentary “Manolo Kabezabolo”, about the life of the emblematic Spanish punk singer, directed by José Alberto Andrés Lacasta.

“Manolo Kabezabolo” is presented to the international market at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland by Carmen Pérez Mata of Du Cardelin Studio, one of the 32 producers selected for the new edition of Match Me! the Locarno networking forum which takes place from 5 to 7 August.

Zaragoza-based production house Du Cardelin has teamed up with Maluta Films of San Sebastian to co-produce the project.

The documentary tells the life story of Manuel Méndez Lozano, better known as Manolo Kabezabolo (Zaragoza, 1966), a punk artist who, rather unpredictably, seemingly survived time, space and tendencies, without abandoning its essence and principles, to become a counter-cultural. icon.

Filming will wrap at the end of September and a theatrical release in Spain is planned for next year, says Pérez Mata Variety.

According to director Andrés Lacasta, “Manolo has not renounced any of the principles that led him to compose and play for the first time for friends on the street; he stays true to his punk way of situating himself in the 24-hour world, strapped to his guitar as the only vital handle to keep fueling his faded fury.

He added: “[Manolo] is still attached to psychiatric hospitals and the mental illness that has accompanied him since the age of 12 and which is an integral part of his being as a person and an artist, and on which a surreal apocryphal narrative has formed around his life and his work.”

In Locarno, Pérez Mata will present “Manolo Kabezabolo” looking for international sales potential.

“The documentary will rediscover an era and a figure that transcends the geographical and local space where [Kabezabolo’s] life is past, which means its reach can cross borders,” Pérez Mata said.

“Foreign audiences will find a character who evolves in the musical palette and in the wake of an urban tribe – that of punk – which has quickly become universal. What Manolo has been through and played in has a very clear and obvious compression alignment with audiences outside of Spain. Our vocation is to bring out those elements that make the character empathetic and understandable even outside our borders. This is why the documentary is also born with a strong vocation for international distribution”, she argued.

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Courtesy of De Cardelin Studio

“Manolo Kabezabolo” has obtained the support in Spain of the town hall and the provincial council of Zaragoza, the association of filmmakers of Huesca and the regional public channel Aragon TV.

The Zaragoza-based company will also present at Match Me! the developing social drama “Calle Varsovia”, also written and directed by Andrés Lacasta.

The project takes place in Toulouse in 1999 and revolves around Estela, an old Spanish woman exiled after the Spanish Civil War. In the twilight of her life, she struggles to resolve a strained relationship with her three sons.

Recovery from a stroke will give her the opportunity to reunite with her loved ones, but economic strains, open wounds from the past and wartime family secrets will threaten to end everything for Estela’s family. according to the synopsis. .

At Match Me! The producer of “Calle Varsovia” will be looking for an international co-production, a distributor and a TV agent. The story to be shot in France, the film is designed as a Spain-France co-production.

An emerging independent producer of film, television and even museum content, Du Cardelin aims to explore new spaces through international co-productions, while seeking transversality in both themes and audiences.

“Platforms are a very important part of the film industry today and we think it is important to be open to working with them, even if for emerging companies like ours it is sometimes a bit complicated to ‘access it, but we’re interested in working with it in the near future,’ Pérez Mata said.

“In this sense – she added – although our productions are medium and small in size, our vocation in the company’s publishing house is universal, which is why now and in the future our goal is focused on global platforms.”

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Carmen Perez
Courtesy of De Cardelin Studio

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