Square Enix Montreal becomes Studio Onoma



In May, Embracer Group announced that it was acquiring Square Enix’s western studios—Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal—as well as the intellectual property of those studios, and in August those acquisitions were officially finalized. Of course, since it’s no longer owned by Square Enix, it was expected that Square Enix Montreal would eventually change its name – which has now happened.

The studio announced via a new official website which he renamed Studio Onoma. The new brand “will serve as an umbrella for multiple products, programs, and initiatives, each with distinct personalities,” says the studio, which says it’s designed “to be flexible to see us into the future, connect with multiple audiences, and not prevent us from growing with the market. »

Why “Onoma”?

“Onoma means Greek name and names offer endless possibilities,” the studio explains. “Names breathe life into objects, people or concepts; bring them into the world – real or imagined. It’s the beginning of a new experience, an invitation to a new journey. As game creators, we create new experiences, new paths.

As Square Enix Montreal, the development team focused almost entirely on producing mobile titles based on major properties, including games such as Lara Croft GO, Deus Ex GO, Hitman GO, Hitman Sniper, and Hitman Sniper: Shadows.

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