State’s First Selfie Studio Now Open in Idaho Falls



IDAHO FALLS – Sharing selfies on social media has become an essential part of everyday life. Now, a couple from Idaho Falls have opened a new selfie studio, providing a place full of different environments for selfie takers to express themselves.

Deanna McKellip and Nick Rebmann recently opened Pix, Idaho’s first brick-and-mortar selfie studio. Pix is ​​at 689 East Anderson and offers visitors several booths to serve as a backdrop for selfies, as well as light rings to provide lighting and serve as tripods to hold phones.

Pix’s idea was sparked by a conversation McKellip had with a friend.

“I have a friend in Kentucky and she was going to a selfie museum,” McKellip told “She was super excited about it and walked across state and went and posted the photos. I was like ‘Sounds super fun.’ ”

McKellip and Rebmann thought visiting a selfie museum would be a fun activity for their four children, but when they searched the internet they couldn’t find one within a reasonable driving distance.

“We thought, ‘Maybe they’ll have one in Salt Lake and we can take the kids,” she said. “There isn’t one in Utah that we can find. So we searched Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and couldn’t find any in the area. So I came over to Nick and I was like, ‘Hey, baby. I have this idea. We should be opening a selfie studio.

“And I thought she was crazy,” Rebmann added. “I said, ‘I don’t know baby. Let me do the research. Then I started to see all the different (selfie studios) all over the country and I was like, “This is a real thing and it would be great to bring it here for people to enjoy and for let the children come and have something else to do. “ reporter Adam Forsgren posing for a selfie in the tub.

McKillip said Pix is ​​helping with an issue involving eastern Idaho that she’s seen many times from many different people, which is that there isn’t really much that can be done about it. children, despite being a fast growing, family oriented area. .

Pix helps solve this problem by providing booths that serve as interesting environments in which kids of all ages can take selfies. From a nursery to a Wild West scene to a school hall, the booths offer selfie-takers a backdrop to interact with. There are also stand specific accessories that can be included, such as large playing cards or different shapes of headgear.

After paying entry, visitors are given a ring light, which is powered by wall mounted USB hubs at each booth. Visitors have a total of one hour to get as many shots as they want and can take as long as they need at each booth to get the perfect shot.

Pix also has a special themed room which will change to reflect different seasons or holidays. Currently, the seasonal room is a Christmas room and will host Santa Claus every Saturday until Christmas.

McKellip said Pix gives people a way to express themselves and capture family memories without spending tons of money.

“Not everyone has a lot of money for photographs, especially children,” she said. “So (Pix) gives kids and adults a way to express themselves artistically without spending an entire cargo. And anyone who has had a child knows you don’t have any money. So it’s a very affordable way (to get family photos). Kids five and under are free so you just pay for yourself and then spend a whole hour trying to get that pic of your kids.

Walk-in people are welcome, but reservations are recommended now due to COVID-19 restrictions. To book or get tickets, click here. Visit Pix’s website or Facebook page for more information. Click here to follow Pix on Instagram.

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