Studio 666: The Most Intense Deaths, Ranked


Warning: This list contains spoilers for Studio 666 as well as descriptions of violence and gore.

Workshop 666 is a horror film starring the Foo Fighters that seems straight out of the 1980s. A good way to describe the film would be the mockumentary It’s Spinal Tap combined with diabolical death. The story goes that the Foo Fighters try to make their 10th album in a house and then suffer horrific deaths.

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However, it’s not the gruesome, dirty deaths of a movie like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre of Halloween. These deaths are over-the-top and intensely gruesome, using mostly practical effects and offering as much camp as gore. However, some of the deaths were much more intense than others.

ten Barb Weems

Dave Grohl talks about the haunted mansion.

At the end of the film, there were two surprise villains who were responsible for all the haunting and the rampage. Only one of the villains got their reward. Sadly, of all the film’s fatalities, it was also the weakest in terms of intensity and gore.

Barb, the real estate woman, had attracted the Foo Fighters and hoped the demons would win. At the end of Workshop 666, she went to try to finish them off herself but was rammed and run over by a van. It was barely shown and she died in better shape than anyone else.

9 The Guardian

Dave Grohl screaming with demons behind him.

The Caretaker was the credits name of the demon possessing original lead singer of Dream Widow who slaughtered her entire band before the singer killed himself to stop the curse. The Guardian then possessed Dave Grohl.

After Grohl’s bandmates used a spell to free him, he released the Caretaker, who reformed into the original Dream Widow singer’s body, and then Grohl began beating him to death. However, Dream Widow’s ghosts appeared and used Caretaker’s own blood to destroy him once and for all.


8 Darren Sandelbaum

The delivery man brings food to Dave Grohl.

Will Forte played Darren Sandelbaum, the food delivery driver who delivered food to the Foo Fighters twice. The first time around, he made the offhand comment that he liked the Foo Fighters and that they were his second favorite band after Coldplay.

He paid for this later when the Warden killed him by cutting off his head. The Foo Fighters later found him with his guts ripped out. While gross, most of the mutilation happened off-screen, so it didn’t have the same impact as other gruesome deaths in the film.

7 Nate Mendel

Nate Mendel looks at a corpse at Studio 666.

Nate Mendel is the last member of the Foo Fighters to die. He was trying to get the van started while Pat Smear was under the van trying to hot plug it the old fashioned way. However, when Pat’s long wire went through the van, it went straight into Nate’s eye.

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It was pretty intense and gruesome, but then Nate backed off and killed Barb. He came out to check on her and she thrust a knife into his fellow man in a startling kill and the two died together behind the van.

6 Krug

Kerry King helping set up Dave Grohl's drums.

Krug was the Foo Fighters’ technician, helping the group set up their equipment in the old house. In a big Studio 666 cameo, Slayer guitarist Kerry King had little time for Dave Grohl’s antics and just did as he was told with a frown on his face. Despite this, he did his job well and died doing it.

When he tried to untangle some cables, a demonic presence entered the wall and fried the circuits while Krug held them. He then held on until they stopped and ended up being fried to death, blisters appearing all over his burnt skin, making his end particularly gruesome and intense.

5 pat smear

Pat Smear sitting in the kitchen.

Pat Smear has been described as one of the friendliest guys in the Foo Fighters, usually just following through and trying to get through the recording in one piece. He was often seen eating fries and sleeping in the kitchen to be closer to snacks.

He was also one of the two remaining Foo Fighters who ultimately saved Dave Grohl. However, as he tried to plug the van in to escape, Nate accidentally backed up and ran over Pat, splitting his entire body in two, in a shocking and intense death scene.

4 Chris Shiflet

Chris Shiflett talks to Dave Grohl.

Chris was the first person to get tired of Dave Grohl talking to everyone. While everyone knew Grohl was wrong, it was Chris who said he was quitting and left. However, he went to the patio instead of leaving and started grilling a hot dog.

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It was then that Grohl, possessed by the keeper at the time, grabbed him from behind and rammed his face into the grill. He kept slamming it until Chris’ face started to peel off in an intense and very disgusting moment.

3 Rami Jaffee

Rami Jaffee looks shocked in Studio 666.

Rami Jaffee was the Foo Fighters’ resident keyboardist and hippie. His death came at the same time he was enjoying the moment that excited him the most. He was in bed with Samantha and the two were ready to have fun.

However, Rami started the music and the song that started playing was Jackyl’s “Lumberjack Song”. At the start of the chainsaw solo in the song, Dave Grohl lay under the bed with his own chainsaw and sawed Rami in half.

2 Samantha

Skye brings cupcakes to Dave Grohl.

Samantha’s death was only slightly more intense than Rami’s because he was on top of her and that meant the chainsaw hit her first. She spoke the one fatal line, saying the chainsaw solo was her favorite part of the song, and at that moment the chainsaw appeared through the bed in a scene gruesome enough to match any death. intense in the Chainsaw Massacre.

Rami watched in horror as the chainsaw graphically rip Samantha in half, face first, then it came for Rami. In the end, Rami fell in two pieces and the chainsaw went back under the bed as Samantha rested on it, half of her body on the right and the other draped over the left.

1 Taylor Hawkins

Taylor with Dave Grohl lying on the floor.

The only death that occurred up close and personal with the best special effects was when Dave Grohl killed Taylor Hawkins, the band’s drummer. He was trying to block Grohl by not getting the right drum track since that was all that was left of the cursed song.

However, Grohl demanded he do it right, and Taylor eventually pulled it off perfectly. He then stood up and said he was done and Grohl picked up a symbol and threw it like a Frisbee, slicing Taylor’s face and into the wall. Taylor’s body collapsed on the ground, the upper half of his face resting on the symbol lodged in the wall. The up-close and unexpected nature of death easily makes this the most intense film.

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