Studio B Songs: Overhand Sam & Bad Weapon



SStudio B ngos is an exclusive digital series from News 8 WROC dedicated to both showcasing Rochester’s incredible musical talent and showcasing artists who come through our town for shows.

All music is recorded live, video captured live; all refined for a product that combines the electricity of a live performance and the refinement of a studio session.

For each episode, the artists are responsible for presenting two “A-sides” and two “B-sides”. A-sides are songs you know by the artist: whether it’s their signature song, their most promoted song, or the one with the most airplay. B-sides are tunes near and dear to the artist’s heart, but don’t always get the audience love they deserve. In this format, listeners can listen to favorites and learn deep cuts.

This episode features Overhand Sam & Bad Weapon. Sam Snyder’s reputation as a key musical contributor to the music community, innovative, go-to guitarist, and yes, genius, had been crystallized long before this episode, but he and Bad Weapon brought their A-game. They ripped one psychedelic rock track after the next.

Overhand Sam & Bad Weapon are:

  • Sam Snyder – vocals, guitar
  • Sammy Hirsh – synth
  • Benton Sillick – bass, vocals
  • Dennis Mariano – drums, vocals
  • Kip Alexander – percussion

The melodies:

  • Dust: 00:00
  • Pulling shapes: 07:28
  • Too far: 16:55
  • Pebbles: 9:40 p.m.

This series is produced, recorded and mixed by Dan Gross. He shot and edited this one. Hanna Berger and Leonardo Camerucci-Gambacorta provided camera operations and production assistance.

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