Studio Bones President Explains Why The Studio Isn’t Continuing The Isekai Series


Studio BONES has become a major player in anime gaming. As the studio hosted a panel at this year’s Crunchyroll Expo, the studio’s president took the opportunity to discuss Isekai’s genre and why the animation house hadn’t delved deeper into the style. storytelling with his past works. As Isekai continues to grow by leaps and bounds in anime, series revolving around an otherworldly protagonist are a must.

While chatting with Anime News Network at this year’s Crunchyroll Expo, Chairman Masahiko Minami talked about series they’ve made in the past that bypass Isekai’s line, while delving into his own past in the middle of the anime:

“I don’t really know what exactly counts as Isekai, what the limits of the genre are. For example, we’ve worked on titles like Scrapped Princess, which blurs the line between fantasy and isekai, and Snow White with red hair , a fantasy so I don’t really know if that matters but when I was working at Sunrise I worked on Escaflowne so in my head titles like that – where a girl going to the adventure in a new world – are the pioneers of the isekai genre.In addition, Yoshiyuki Tomino directed Aura Battler Dunbine, which almost no one knows these days.

Minami went on to mention that Bones was not specifically avoiding the genre, but rather finding itself in competition with other studios that have become familiar with Isekai over time:

“It’s not that we don’t take isekai titles on purpose, it’s just that other animation studios do more isekai work, so these tend not to really come to us. I’d like to try one day.”

Although Bones won’t have an Isekai this fall, the studio has a lot to do for the sixth season of my hero academia will arrive in October, along with the third season of Mob Psycho 100.

Is there an Isekai series you’d like to see Bones tackle in the future? What has been your favorite animation house project to date? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Isekai.


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