Studio City Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: “Here’s Your Coffee”



After landing his dream movie role, Sam (Sean Kanan) gets an unexpected visitor amid his struggle to balance work and life now that he’s filming double duty. Check out our recap of Studio City’s season premiere.

An exhausted Sam who plays an exhausted Pierce tries to contact his agent Bryan to help him sort out his crazy schedule now that he’s double-dubbing.

Attempting to engage fans and boost ratings, producer Gloria has set up behind-the-scenes interviews for the cast and crew, but they don’t go exactly as planned.

Christine gets frustrated with Nik when he cares more about her process than rehearsing their scenes.

Sam finally gets a moment of quiet, but is soon interrupted by the arrival of the publicist assigned to him by his new movie studio. She is unimpressed with him and lays down the law before leaving.

No sooner has she left than Gloria shows up and tackles the bad day he’s having.

Later at the hospital, Sam tries to convince Doc to seek treatment. He refuses and unsuccessfully tries to push Sam away.

Episode line:

“Don’t be the wrench in this well-oiled machining, just be my monkey.” ~ Gloria to Sam

Fun facts:

In the episode, Sam Stevens says he always takes his coffee the same way, “2 Splenda’s, almond milk”.

We asked Sean Kanan, who plays Sam, if that was his coffee order too and he told us he likes his coffee black or with Stevia and almond milk. Art does not always imitate life!

Michele Canan, city ​​of studios writer, executive producer, supervising producer and wife of Sean Kanan, also appeared in the opening scene as the patient, Minnie, whom Pierce treats flaming hearts! This woman does it all!

She told us all about her role as supervising producer, “The first year we had a pretty big team, and we did 6 episodes and then we took a break because of Covid. Then we did 5 more episodes and during those 5 episodes we were only allowed 10 people together at a time. So I had to do pretty much everything except sound and lights and camera. This year, I did the same thing, but I had a few more people.

Meet the characters:

Erin Michele Soto told us about her character Christine, who plays Anastasia, Sam’s love interest on flaming hearts“My character is finding her way in the acting world and fighting for her position. She’s dealing with a man’s world and nepotism and what that looks like.

Scott Turner Schofield who plays Max, Dr. Brantly’s portrayer on flaming hearts, told us: “Max is like me and not like me. There’s an element of Max that we took from my real life as a transgender actor, dealing with all of that behind the scenes and in life, and then there’s a lot of stuff that just plays. He’s a determined actor, and he just wants to be an actor. That’s his number one goal in life, to shine for this talent he has. As co-star of flaming heartshe’s always navigating everyone’s nonsense.

city ​​of studios Season 2 is available on Amazon Prime Video! See you next week for our episode 2 recap, American abs, plus exclusive content from the award-winning film’s cast and crew city ​​of studios!

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