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After Apple rolled out its new Studio Display on March 18, reviews poured in. Many praised the 27-inch 5K display. But some have found flaws. Ultimately, once the dust settled, one main question remained. It’s good, for the most part, but is it worth the $1,600 price tag?

The configuration presented today seems to answer the question in the affirmative. See how the Studio Display in the photo floats in the air? When you think about it, it’s really just a matter of considering the value of levitation.

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Floating studio display: worth the price (if it levitates)

Redditor jlakersman (“JLM”) showed off his neat setup in a post titled “Finally Got My Apple Studio Display!”

“Well, it almost looks like it’s floating,” one commenter noted.

“At first I thought the price was high, but the levitation is worth it in my eyes,” said another.

JLM runs the Studio Display with a few laptops and an iPad mini. Laptop for work is a 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro. Personal is a MacBook Air M1.

Fully Jarvis Dual Mount with Laptop Stand

Of course, any impression that the screen is levitating is just a trick of the photograph and the material on it.

A white Fully Jarvis dual monitor stand with a laptop stand makes the monitor and laptop appear to float above the desk. The bracket matches the curtains in the background, so it’s not easy to see.

JLM noted that the Fully Jarvis arms allow the two elements to be moved around quite a bit, even swapping slots for port access, if necessary. And the arms could also accommodate a 32-inch screen, he said, if someone wanted to opt for that over a 27-inch studio monitor.

Prior to the Studio Display, JLM ran its machines with a 24-inch Dell P2415Q 4K monitor through a CalDigit Dual HDMI USB-C hub. But the Studio Display integrates much more seamlessly than the Dell, he said.

Seamless Studio Display integration

“I really like the more integrated and polished experience,” he enthused.

When asked about the Studio Display integration, he noted that the following makes life easier:

  • Internal power supply
  • Internal speaker (“better than I expected!”)
  • “If you want to use it”, an internal webcam.
  • “The firmware and hardware integration is seamless between two of my Macbooks or iPad mini! Just an example! It wakes up immediately or goes to sleep without any issues. Previously, it sometimes took a minute or two for my monitor to turn on. anime on my old configuration! »
  • “I can adjust volume and screen brightness right on my Mac keyboard (before, I had to do it on my old monitor itself).”

“That was my old setup and look at all the extra wires!” he added, pointing to the photo below. “Now it’s just a plug to a power source and a Thunderbolt cable to my laptop.”

Look at all the cables he needed with his previous screen.
Photo: [email protected]

Everyone must answer the cost question for themselves

Not everyone agrees that the Studio Display is worth the price – not by a long shot.

Some cite the lackluster built-in webcam, which Apple has pledged to improve through software updates. Then people hoping for that fix found they couldn’t update at all, thanks to a snafu that Apple quickly patched. And Studio Display owners are still waiting for the promised webcam improvement.

For its part, JLM mounts a Logitech Brio 4K webcam on top of the display. But it’s equipment he already had, not something he bought for the sake of Apple’s built-in webcam in the display. Since he has the Brio, he uses it. This is the best option.

“All of these features, except brightness, are available on any other monitor, for $1,000 less,” one commenter said in response to JLM’s list of integration benefits, below. above.

But JLM did not have it.

“I don’t think there’s a 27-inch 5k monitor on the market right now for $1000 less with these features!” he said. “I really wish, though!”

This image shows how the laptop stand can be moved in front of the user.
This image shows how the laptop stand can be easily moved towards the user.
Photo: [email protected]

Comments: the positives outweigh the negatives

JLM’s post is notable for the amount of love expressed for the Studio Display. The positive feedback outweighs the negative. Here is a small selection illustrating some points of view:

I just received mine a few days ago. I love it. Ya, it’s pricey but the screen is absolutely amazing. I don’t really know what everyone is complaining about all over Reddit. Everyone is upset that there isn’t an insane set of features that literally doesn’t exist anywhere at any price.

Honestly, I don’t even care about some features since I already use a DSLR as a webcam, USB microphone and monitor speakers. Super 5k and Thunderbolt is all I needed. Hurry to get your hands on it.

The main complaint people have is that it’s a lot of money for a small monitor. For that price, you could get the Odyssey.

However, no one is selling a 120Hz 5k display.

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