Studio Display owners are frustrated with its speaker and microphone issues


Apple’s $1,599 Studio Display is plagued with issues.
Picture: Apple

Apple has acknowledged an issue with Studio Display speakers. This includes choppy playback, unexpected audio clipping, and playback speed issues.

The company has only provided a temporary solution to the problem for now.

Restart your Studio Display to fix its speaker

Apple’s workaround is to turn off the Studio Display, unplug it from power, remove any attached accessories, and wait 10 seconds. After that, plug the monitor back in to see if the problem persists. As reported by MacRumorsthe company shared the solution in an internal memo to its authorized service providers.

The Cupertino giant notes that this is not a hardware issue, implying that a future firmware update may fix the issue. At this time, it’s unclear when Apple will roll out the patch. Until this happens, you will need to restart the screen regularly to control its speaker problem.

Apple’s Studio Display features a six-speaker system consisting of four force-cancelling woofers and two tweeters. The company says the setup can deliver immersive, cinematic sound quality thanks to Spatial Audio. The monitor also features three beamforming, studio-grade directional microphones.

Studio Display owners are unhappy with its speaker and microphone

Apple’s acknowledgment comes after months of complaints from Studio Display owners. Its own support forum and Twitter are filled with reports of poor performance of the screen’s speakers and microphone. The problem seems to be widespread without a clear and permanent solution.

Apple’s $1,599 Studio Display has been plagued with issues since its launch. Early reviews parroted its 12MP camera with Center Stage support for subpar quality. Eventually, Apple improved webcam performance with an update. However, the quality is still not as good as promised.

The Studio Display failed in every aspect that Apple bragged so much about when it launched. While the company might fix the issues eventually, it shouldn’t have released such a buggy product in the first place.

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