Studio Ghibli releases new Star Wars project with Grogu



Studio Ghibli – the highly acclaimed animation studio behind classics like Princess Mononoke, Taken away as if by magic, My Neighbor Totoroand Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle– announced a new project in collaboration with Lucasfilm earlier this week.

animated short film, Zen – Grogu and the Dust Bunnies, released on Disney+ this weekend. This is an original hand-drawn short straight from the studio.

Studio Ghibli, led by visionary Hayao Miyazaki, has a long history of producing some of the most iconic animated films of recent decades. This isn’t the first time the studio has worked alongside Disney. Pixar has handled some of the English dubs of Studio Ghibli films in the past, and Disney is reportedly handling US distribution. However, more recently, HBO has welcomed the Studio Ghibli catalog when it comes to streaming.

Originally, fans assumed this ad was a tease Visions Season 2. Star Wars: Visions is an animated anthology series star wars short films, from various studios. Season 1 featured a wide variety of classic Japanese anime studios. Season 2 was announced at Celebration Anaheim, and it will feature animation studios from around the world: Japan, India, UK, Ireland, Spain, Chile, France, South Africa, and California. It is currently slated for release in Spring 2023. No further news has come out since Celebration.

Visions Season 1 also led to several other spin-off projects. The dual received a one-shot comic and the novel Ronin by Emma Mieko Candon. There was also an art book for the full season that was released this week. T0-B1 also received an adaptation via a children’s book. Hopefully we get a development similar to the stories told in Season 2.

Zen – Grogu and Dust Bunnies is now available to stream exclusively on Disney+.

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