Studio Ghibli releases update on new Hayao Miyazaki movie and theme park


Hayao Miyazaki recently celebrated his 81st birthday, announcing in 2021 that the legendary animator would be retiring after the completion of his upcoming film with Studio Ghibli, and the prolific animation house recently took stock of not just How do you live? but also on their next theme park. With Universal Studios Japan being the first theme park for anime in the past, it looks like the creator of My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away will act as competitors by bringing some of their beloved properties to life.

Studio Ghibli has offered the following update regarding the production of their upcoming animated film, as well as the current state of their amusement park which is expected to recreate several magical locations created by the studio over the decades to through many films:

“Happy New Year! Director Hayao Miyazaki’s new animated film is in production. Ghibli Park in Aichi Prefecture is slated to open in the fall. Work is progressing at both locations and we look forward to sharing the information. results on opening days. “

Ghibli’s previous film did not have Miyazaki at the helm but was discussed by fans thanks in part to being the first film the studio created using computer-generated graphics. Earwig And The Witch told a story that would fit her predecessors perfectly, featuring a young girl who discovers a world of witches and the supernatural but had a decidedly different aesthetic than what we had seen from Ghibli before.

Studio Ghibli Amusement Park has kept fans updated as its doors open, with the venue expected to have the following areas within its walls: “Hill of Youth, Ghibli’s Great Warehouse, Mononoke Village, Valley of the Witches and Dondoko Forest ”, with Ghibli being known for its lush surroundings and detailed animations in its properties, it will certainly be interesting to see how the movies are translated into the real world and if the theme park adventure will ultimately be a success.

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