Studio Ghibli Teases Baby Yoda Lucasfilm Collaboration With Disney



Despite the announcement of his last movie with creator Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli isn’t slowing down its other projects. The studio teased a potential collaboration with Lucasfilm on Twitter by posting a video with the logos of both companies. Details are slim; there is no indication of what type of project they might be working on. Lucasfilm has collaborated with seven anime studios in the past to Star Wars: Visionsand there are plenty of star wars projects floating in a galaxy far, far away – like Andor, The Acolyte, The Mandalorianand Boba Fett’s Book. Could it be inspired by an anime star wars show or film in preparation? The Nickelodeon-Disney Channel kid in my heart is hoping for a ‘Jimmy Timmy Power Hour’, ‘That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana’ collaboration between the two studios, but Baby Yoda probably makes the most sense, especially since Ghibli tweeted a photo of a Grogu figure recently. This photo has led to speculation that Ghibli could be a collaborator in the upcoming short. Grogu and the dust bunnies, including the Italian Disney+ account accidentally announced would be released on Saturday, November 12. Whether this is still the case and whether Studio Ghibli is involved has not been confirmed by the Disney+ principal. One thing is certain though: Totoro could certainly be the new lord of all Porgs on Ahch-To.

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