Studio Ghibli’s Nausicaä live-action movie might look cool



Various photos of the costume reconstruction on display at the Studio Ghibli exhibition in Japan.

Hayao Miyazaki’s creations are still relevant today.
Photo: Yoshi6054 / © 1984 Studio Ghibli ・ H

When manga and anime get live-action versions, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is how things look. On the page or animated, a character and her outfit can look awesome; however, the real-life interpretation might end up looking awkward or silly. This does not seem to be true for Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Concrete example: this reaction of Nausicaä Windrider Outfit Sea of ​​Corruption. (The photos below were taken by a Twitter user Yoshi6054.)

Just check all the details in the resulting recreation, especially in the flight helmet and the Shohki mask. The jacket is meant to be made from goat felt, so the real-world recreation looks great more tactile than manga or anime. And I love how the scarf is all worn and frayed in places. It sounds like something real humans – not just fictional characters – could have done.

Artist Takayuki Takeya, who is perhaps best known for his Kamen Rider job, brought misfires to life. The outfit was on display at the Exhibition “Animage and Ghibli”, which started earlier this year in Tokyo and is currently held in Osaka. The exhibit tells the story of Ghibli, linking his birth to the manga A picture, where the Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind manga was serialized and where current Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki was working as an editor.

Will there ever be live action Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind movie? Who knows! In 2019, there was a live kabuki game, but there might be less interest in a film adaptation. In a 2020 poll, Nausicaä was one of the anime the fans didn’t want turned into a live action feature.

According to Toshio Suzuki, evangelization creator Hideaki Anno has expressed interest in a live-action version. It could change some the spirits on a live action movie, due to Anno’s hand in creating the anime’s climatic sequence. Even if Anno is interested, a film adaptation still might not happen.

“For Miyazaki, among all the different works he has done, Nausicaä is the most important ”, Suzuki said previously in 2019. “There had been various requests to do a live-action version, even from Hollywood. He rejected them all. But Anno is not Hollywood, and if this costume is anything to go on, a live-action Nausicaä could be fantastic.

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