Studio Harcourt x Silver Moon presents the first Harcourt NFT Drop


Studio Harcourt partners with digital art creator Silver Moon to launch its first-ever Harcourt NFT collection. This collection includes 4 iconic photo portraits of Harcourt, with only 200 pieces of each portrait. The 800 limited edition gems are set to drop on May 13, 2022 on the Silver Moon platform.

Only 200 pieces available for each portrait

Silver Moon x Harcourt NFT Drop

Maison Harcourt, with its craftsmanship and its collection of legendary black and white photo portraits, is finally entering the metaverse. Alongside Silver Moon’s digital art expertise, Harcourt is now expanding this prestigious community to further indulge in a slice of glamor and eternity. Founded in 1934, the studio defined the codes of the black and white photo portrait industry in its Parisian studio.

For the first Harcourt NFT collection, the team selected 4 of the most emblematic artistic figures of the 20th century. Therefore, the great digital premiere will feature Karl Lagerfeld, Joséphine Baker, Edith Piaf and Salvador Dalì. Given that these are portrait photos in their purest form, it’s sure to appeal to art lovers. Additionally, the collection is also expected to attract NFT collectors, given its prestigious status and rarity.

The Harcourt NFT collection is just the start of their digital collaboration. Holders of these NFT portraits will have the exclusive privilege of hitting the Harcourt Virtual Gallery for the next drop. Studio Harcourt and Silver Moon are developing a digital showroom, which is an immersive 3D rendering of the authentic Hôtel Particulier. This magnificent masterpiece represents the headquarters of the iconic French photo studio in Paris.

The digital exhibition hall is already accessible, displaying many famous portraits throughout the venue. The site is also VR ready, providing a truly realistic and immersive experience. Once the Parisian digital showroom is finished, holders of the Harcourt NFT collection can monetize the virtual galleries to present their own NFT collections.

Harcourt NFT
Enter the Harcourt NFT digital showroom

Deposit Details

The Harcourt NFT will be deployed at 0.3 ETH per coin on May 13 at 12:00 CET. While those with whitelisted spots can start hitting 24 hours before the filing date.

If you fancy a Harcourt NFT WL spot, we are absolutely here for you! Silver Moon is giving away 50 WL places to the first 50 registrations using our WL collaboration code: ‘NFTEVENING’. Simply go to the “Whitelist” section of the landing page to claim your WL spot.

silver moon

Silver Moon is a digital art studio focused on creating digital art and NFT. Since January 2020, the main focus of the team has been to bring all kinds of amazing art into the digital world. The Miami-based studio targets the most prestigious art collectors through the use of blockchain and NFT technology, ensuring the authenticity of each piece.

Formerly known as “La Découverte”, The French team worked towards their goal of creating immersive art. With the leadership of founder Valentin Lefebvre, as well as the growth of metaverse technology, the possibilities for creating immersive art are virtually endless. The Harcourt NFT collection and its digital showroom will undoubtedly be an eye opener for many, leading further into the captivating metaverse.

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