Studio Series 86 Ironhide Voyager New Images in Hand


Listen, I agree with you. The problem isn’t that he buys stolen hardware/goods, what he does knowingly is that he keeps doing it, and people keep watching his content, knowing full well that they watch stolen figures being represented to them.

He certainly has a first prototype. But he goes on like it’s 100% what we’re going to get. How does he know? This is a factory test shot that was smuggled out of the factory before it was finished or had all of its fittings. It wouldn’t be the first time he showed things wrong. Wasn’t Hubcap supposed to come with Brunt’s little round silver barrel? I mean, that’s what he had, right? Several of them were also missing stuff. So who is he trying to fool? We all know these are “stolen” copies. Yes, he may have bought them, which to him makes them legit, but they were stolen nonetheless. Therefore, you did not get it legitimately. Just ask any Pawn Show owner who purchased items they didn’t know were stolen. I’m not trying to argue that point though, just that nothing in his copy means that’s what we should expect at retail.

I think the colors will be more consistent at retail. Or at least, from one room to another as seen on the roof he pointed to. I also think they may have raced or assembled parts from the two tools for this and that’s why there are the two tabs on the top of the pickup. These could be parts of the Ratchet version and were never intended for Ironhide. Plus, there’s no way they can’t or won’t budget in the yellow band. If they managed to sell Earthrise Ironhide to Deluxe, they can budget that yellow stripe for SS86 Ironhide and maybe even another gun. But really, Earthrise Ironhide itself should be a traveler because of that extra roof. Siege Ironhide was big for a luxury even though it was stretched like Impactor but then they added the roof piece which added at least another 7 pieces in total plus the extra paint that was needed.

Man, this pelvic flap is disappointing. I will modify mine to make separate parts. There are more than enough connecting pieces to allow this. I cut the hood and bumper off my Earthrise Arcee, so cutting this skirt plate in three won’t be much of a problem. Just need a new single edge razor.

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