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Yoshi and Razner talk about working together, racking up millions of online streams, setting up a studio and more.

Aditya – Hi guys, we are glad to have you for this interview. How was the first semester of this year for you?

Yoshi – Thank you very much for interviewing us. The first half of this year has been very good, it finally seems that we have left the pandemic behind us. We got great results with our releases but more importantly we took a bit of a break from our trance production to study some new sounds.

We are still training continuously and exploring new sounds, something between progressive and techno. It hurt our annual release volume a bit, because we spent a lot of time on it, but the first track was signed to a major label so we’re happy.

Razner – On top of that, some of the biggest events like Luminosity (ADE week) and Dreamstate SoCal are betting on us, giving us the opportunity, which is amazing!

Aditya – You are both twins, it is exceptional. How easy/difficult is it for all of you to agree on something?

Razner – We are very lucky because we have a very good understanding of each other when it comes to DJing and production

Yoshi – Sometimes we may have different opinions but in the end we always come to an agreement. In fact, we think it’s in our interest

Aditya – Although you are twins, how are you different from each other?

Razner – Musically speaking we are very similar, but if we delve deeper we have different tastes.

Yoshi – I may be a little more emotional and my brother a little tougher and the result of this report is our essence.

Aditya – You’ve amassed millions of online streams, what do you think?

Yoshi – It’s amazing because we spend long hours in the studio and when you see people enjoying your music, it makes you feel like it was worthy.

Razner – Yes, it charges your batteries to continue on this sometimes very hard path

Aditya – What are your influences and why?

Yoshi – We started listening to electronic music at a very young age, here in Spain, the first ones who gave us our first taste of music were Djs like Dj Napo, Christian Millan, Dj Nano and Suze.

Later, when we started to take more interest in production, without a doubt Bryan Kearney, Darren Porter, Metta & Glyde, Ucast, Sean Tyas and Factor B are the most influential people in our sound today.

Aditya – When did you decide to pursue a full-time DJ/Producing career?

Razner – Well, at the moment we don’t do that full time, we have morning jobs. We are learning and improving our English, apart from that the rest of the time we devote to music.
I hope that our dream of dedicating himself full time to our music will soon come true

Y’all are playing ADE this year, it’s exciting! What are you looking forward to?

Razner – It’s unbelievable to us, it’s still hard to believe, playing ADE is one of the dreams of any producer or DJ.

Yoshi – We would like to thank Bo and his team at Luminosity Events for this opportunity, we will be forever grateful. We can’t wait for that day to come, we look forward to it.

Aditya – What is the configuration of your studio?

Razner – Our setup is not very complex, we use Adam A7x monitors, an M-audio keyboard, good studio acoustics and Ableton live with its corresponding plugins and others that we added little by little, but all softwares.

Yoshi – We think for the moment it’s enough to make music, maybe in the future we will integrate external gadgets, but we are comfortable with what we have.

Aditya – Any tips for new growers?

Razner – I think the best advice we can give to those just starting out is to be patient, persistent and sacrificing. It’s a long road, sometimes difficult, but sooner or later the good news will come.

Nowadays there is a lot of information on the net and if you know how to search well, you can learn a lot. We learned by watching tutorials, reading a lot of information about the production, putting it into practice and above all making a lot of mistakes, it’s the best way to learn, at least that’s what has worked for us and we continue to learn day by day.

We have learned from people who have been in the industry for many years, but also from people who have been in the industry for a short time!

Aditya – Finally, if you disguised yourself, would your fans recognize each other?

Yoshi – hahaha good question, over the years we’ve looked more or less alike, it depends on the scene. Nowadays they say we are quite similar. A simple way to tell us apart is that I have a tattoo on my arm, so you can’t fool anyone.

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