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SPOKANE, Wash. – If you’re a local artist in need of free studio space, you better just act like a bee and get busy! The Hive is now accepting applications for its next Artist-in-Residence series.

For those who may not yet know, The Hive is a unique addition to the Spokane Public Library facilities. There are no books or computers there. Instead, the community is encouraged to learn in a more collaborative and unique way.

The space offers meeting and conference rooms, which can be used free of charge by small groups, private businesses, civic or professional organizations, community clubs, educators, and more. Whether it’s giving demonstrations, training educators, or brainstorming ideas, The Hive provides a collaborative and accessible space for easy knowledge exchange.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect is the artist residency program. As any artist can tell you (or anyone who has lived with an artist), the creation process often requires a lot of space. While every artist would ideally like to rent the space they need, this is often prohibitive and far beyond the artist’s means. Plus, every dollar spent on real estate equals a dollar less on art supplies or basic necessities, two things no designer ever wants to be without.

Here, The Hive offers a symbiotic solution – artists can have an entire studio space for free, as long as they allow scheduled tours and provide instruction on their craft, offering another invaluable asset – unique art lessons and various free for the public.

It doesn’t matter whether the artist is a sculptor, tailor, musician or writer, The Hive still values ​​his know-how. This blind approach allows for an ever-changing variety of artistic disciplines to be offered to the community.

It’s not just the space that the artist gets, however. There is also the invaluable benefit of networking, a free and public space to display their work, and assistance in planning programs to help with community engagement.

Overall, The Hive is a one-of-a-kind facility in Spokane, focused on community enrichment and knowledge sharing in a very exciting way. And if you’re an artist in need of space or some publicity, now is the time to throw your name in the hat. Residencies are offered at the artist’s choice between one and six months. Registration will close on January 9 at midnight, so make sure you have it before then!

A open day for those who wish to visit the space will be held on Tuesday December 14 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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