Studio Tries To Convince JK Rowling To Adapt ‘The Cursed Child’, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Is Effectively Dead E! News UK



So how is the Harry Potter franchise doing today? Under the new Warner Bros. Discovery, what should happen with adaptations of JK Rowling’s beloved novels, especially with fantastic beasts struggling to keep fans interested? Well, there’s a plan they want to see take shape, and it will involve the end of one series and the start of another that Rowling has already shot down.

According to Puck, the fantastic beasts spinoff series is practically dead. Put a fork in Newt Scamander, Dumbledore and all his secrets, and Grindelwald and all his crimes. It’s not a shock. The first movie got off to a good start as a prequel to the Harry Potter films, opening in 2016 with $814 million worldwide. But things went downhill from there. 2018 The Crimes of Grindelwald fell to 650 million dollars, while this year Dumbledore’s secrets is the first Harry Potter film to lose money with just $405 million.

This left WBD with a plan to adapt the hit game, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, like a two-part film. However, Rowling has yet to approve this, and previously when approached to do so, she turned it down. There is hope that because fantastic beasts was a failure, she will now want to reconsider.

So as long as Rowling has something else to fall back on, she refuses to adapt. The cursed child. Well, she can’t rely on this proposed Harry Potter TV series either, because it would have been canceled as well.

If Rowling doesn’t change her mind, WBD still has the option of just remaking the original Harry Potter films, which seems like a horrible idea. Hope they don’t do that.

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