Surry Hills rental studio dubbed ‘Room with a poo’ is asking for $520 a week



It’s either one of the most unusual, if not unpleasant, household oddities you’ll ever see, or a brilliant use of space, depending on how you look at it.

A city center studio has hit the market with a steep price tag and an unusual floor plan, another indication of heavy pressure in Sydney’s rental market, where availability in some markets is close to zero .

Dubbed a “room with a poo,” the Surry Hills pad has been put up for rent at $520 a week.

The listing claims the house is “chic” and for someone who “craves simplicity.”

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But the layout of the toilets goes even further than the old terraces of Paddington, where the toilets are adjacent to the kitchen, which in turn creates hygiene problems.

This outdated installation was due to old plumbing infrastructure, so we’re not quite sure how this Bourke St pad ended up with the toilet literally looking into the kitchen.

The tenants would do their business, close to where they prepare their meals.

Fortunately, the kitchen and the bathroom are separated by thick frosted glass, so there is a modicum of privacy.

As well it is a house for one person.

“If you’re looking for a City Chic pad to take home, then look no further!” the listing reads.

“Centrally located in the bustling City Fringe area, this STUDIO apartment will suit the city dweller who wants the simplicity and style this apartment has to offer, while living in the bustling and culturally diverse suburb of Surry Hills.”

According to Proptrack, the supply of rental properties in Sydney in September 2022 was 35.7% lower than at the start of the pandemic.

Rents in Sydney have risen just 5.8% since the start of the pandemic. Rental growth in Sydney has been subdued compared to most other parts of the country, meaning there is room for further growth.

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