Tarantino’s lawyer blows up Miramax for NFT “Pulp Fiction” trial: studio “got it wrong”


Update (November 17): Quentin TarantinoBryan Freedman’s attorney made the following statement on Miramaxlawsuit against him: “Miramax is wrong – plain and simple. Quentin Tarantino’s contract is clear: he has the right to sell NFTs of his handwritten script for pulp Fiction and this clumsy attempt to prevent him from doing so will fail. But Miramax’s ruthless decision to divulge confidential information about the contracts and remuneration of its filmmakers will irreparably tarnish its reputation long after the case has been closed. “

Earlier (November 16): Miramax has filed a complaint against Quentin Tarantino for a TVN project involving “Pulp Fiction”. Oscar winner announcement in early November, he was auctioning seven uncut scenes from “Pulp Fiction” as secret NFTs on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. According to Hollywood journalist, Miramax sent Tarantino a cease and desist letter after the announcement, but the NFT project persisted. Now the studio is alleging that the NFT project violates their intellectual property agreement.

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“Tarantino’s conduct forced Miramax to take this legal action against a valued employee in order to uphold, preserve and protect their contractual and intellectual property rights relating to one of Miramax’s most iconic and valuable cinematic properties. “Miramax wrote in its lawsuit. “Left unchecked, Tarantino’s conduct could mislead others into believing Miramax is involved in his business. And it could also mislead others into believing that they have the right to pursue similar offers or offers, when in fact Miramax has the rights to develop, market and sell NFTs related to its library. of in-depth films.

In a statement earlier this month, Tarantino said he was “excited to bring these exclusive ‘Pulp Fiction’ scenes to the fans.” The project announcement added the ‘secret content [up for auction] is one of a kind, never been seen or heard of before, and will feature the first uncut handwritten scripts from ‘Pulp Fiction’ and exclusive personalized commentary from Tarantino, revealing secrets about the film and its creator.

As reported by Hollywood journalist: “According to a copy of Tarantino’s contract with Miramax for ‘Pulp Fiction’, the director retained certain rights to the film, including ‘the soundtrack album, music edition, live performance, publication print (including, without limitation, screenplay publication, book making, comic book and novelty, in audio and electronic formats as well, where applicable), interactive media, resale and remake rights for film and television, and rights to television series and spinoffs.

Tarantino’s attorney responded to Miramax’s accusation by asserting that Tarantino was acting within his “reserved right” regarding the “publication of the script”. But Miramax’s attorney responded, “This group has chosen to recklessly, greedily and intentionally ignore the deal Quentin signed instead of following the clear legal and ethical approach of just communicating with Miramax about his ideas.” proposed. This ad hoc effort devalues ​​the NFT rights of “Pulp Fiction”, which Miramax intends to maximize through a strategic and global approach. Miramax will defend all of its rights in relation to its library, including rights relating to NFTs, and will not allow Quentin’s representatives to deceive others into believing that they have the power to enter into similar agreements in violation of the rights agreements. that they signed.

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