Taron Egerton meets with Marvel Studio executives; Is he the next Wolverine?


Taron Egerton confirmed he had a meeting with Marvel Studio executives, including its president, Kevin Feige.

Taron Egerton is meeting with Marvel Studio executives for a possible ‘Wolverine’ role. (Photo: Heroic Hollywood)

Marvel Studio executives meet Taron Egerton

Marvel Studios has dozens of superheroes to launch this year and one of them is the “Wolverine” mutant. In a report published in the New York Times, Marvel Executives and its president Kevin Feige meet with young actor Taron Egerton for a possible role in Marvel.

Taron Egerton is known for directing the character in the “Rocketman” and “Kingsman” series. During this time, one can recall that Taron Egerton sometimes shared his idea of ​​having a role in the MCU or Marvel as his career continues and progresses.

On the other hand, the details of the meeting between Marvel Studios and Taron Egerton have not been revealed. There’s also speculation that while the actor won’t be playing the “Wolverine” character, he could land a new superhero role. As of now, there is no confirmation from either side.

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Taron Egerton fears playing the new ‘Wolverine’

Although there is still a need for confirmation, Taron Egerton shared that he was also dreading playing as the new “Wolverine”. Hugh Jackman played the character “Wolverine” for 17 years and he is well known for his contribution to making this character well adorned and loved.

Egerton said “I don’t think it would be wrong to say that. I would be excited but also apprehensive, because Hugh is so associated with the role that I would wonder if it would be very difficult for someone else to do it…. But I hope if [the role of Wolverine] happens, they’ll give me a chance,” according to an article published in The Direct.

A lot of pressure is on Taron Egerton after confirming his meeting with Marvel executives and its president. While no details have been released about what they discussed, it could be a sign that Taron Egerton will be working in the MCU.

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