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Taku Sasaki, President of Tokyo broadcast system Holdings, the parent company of the Japanese television network TBS, announced on Tuesday that the company has made a large-scale investment of 2.5 billion yen (approx. $ 21.6 million) in the company Seven Arcs Group.

TBS has invested in an effort to strengthen its 3D and human resources. It is part of TBSof the “VISION 2030” medium-term management plan, launched in 2021. In VISION 2030, TBS has implemented the “EDGE” content expansion strategy, in which content creation is strongly emphasized. Three major goals are currently underway: to create an overseas strategy company, to create a studio in Midoriyama in Yokohama that can meet “global standards” and to invest on a large scale in animation.

Tokyo broadcast system Acquired participations Seven Arcs Groups in December 2017, making it a 100% subsidiary. Tokyo broadcast system Holdings acquired all the shares of the Seven Arcs Group owner and group president Osamu Uemura for an undisclosed price. Seven Arcs Group is the first anime production company to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo broadcast system Assets.

Seven Arcs Group is the parent company of three affiliated companies linked to animation production: Arcturus, Seven Arcs, and Sept Arcs Pictures.

Seven Arcs‘works under TBS include Blue period, TONIKAWA: On the Moon for you, and Trinity Seven: Eternal Library and Alchemical Daughter.

Seven Arcs is known for the Magical Girl Lyric Nanoha franchise. Sept Arcs Pictures‘first major project after the acquisition was the television anime of Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryū in Odoru: Dances with dragons series of light novels.

Tokyo broadcast system Holdings, the Nikkei news service, Tokyo television Holdings, the premium channel WOW, the advertising sponsor Dentsu, and Hakuhodo DY media partners invested in a streaming company called Premium Platform Japan. Launch of the Premium Japan platform Paravi, an unlimited streaming service with monthly subscription fees, in 2017.

TBS acquired 49% of the shares of DeNAthe digital manga platform MangaBox in May 2020.

Source: Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo) via Nijipoi

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