Technical Guruji: Create Your Own Studio



Stuck at home but want to start recording? Here’s what to focus on for a basic budget setup

DIY workshop

I want to build my own home studio. What will I need?

—Sherry S, Via Instagram

The three main things you need to build a home audio video studio are a camera, lighting and sound, which you can choose according to your budget. But here are some tips to improve your space. 1. Use acoustic panels to reduce echo. They are cheap, readily available and effective. 2. Use wooden furniture, rugs and carpets in the room, so that the audio is supported. 3. Use ambient lighting: This adds flavor and dimension to the video. Smart RGB is real. 4. Finally, focus on sound. Even if the camera and microphone are inexpensive, the result will be good.

Gaurav is the tallest in the world tech vlogger on YouTube with Over 21.4 million subscribers. His greeting “Namaskaar dosto… (Hellofriends)” is as endearing as it is popular.

From HT Brunch, January 23, 2022

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