Teledyne FLIR RS6780 Long Range Radiometric Infrared Camera


April 4, 2022 – Teledyne FLIR today announced the FLIR RS6780 Long Range Radiometric Infrared Camera System, designed for distance tracking, target signing, outdoor testing and scientific applications in all conditions. Featuring continuous zoom, the camera includes an integrated three-position motorized filter wheel and optional factory calibrations to support thermography applications up to 3000°C. The optional 3x afocal zoom lens accessory gives engineers and scientists the flexibility to change the focal range from the standard 50mm – 250mm to 150mm – 750mm, designed to get the most pixels on target and meet unique application and test requirements in the field.

“The RS6780 enables precision long-range measurement and tracking applications by combining a complete radiometric infrared camera sealed in an IP65-rated enclosure to protect it from the elements,” said Desmond Lamont, Global Business Development Manager, Teledyne FLIR. “This small format camera is perfect for outdoor testing, thanks to its ability to detect minute temperature differences over long distances, multiple connectivity and software options for easy integration, and metric zoom that optimizes density pixels on target while allowing advanced radiometric measurements, such as radiant intensity.The system also weighs 37 lb. (16.7 kg) or less for easy deployment and mobility.

One platform, many applications

Advanced lens system provides instant, frame-by-frame focal position information to enable factory or custom calibrations for thermography and radiometry applications, including support for lens information data collection position in space-time (TSPI). It can be deployed as a standalone camera or integrated into a larger test system via the FLIR Science Camera SDK.

With the flexibility offered by a variety of on-camera connection and video inputs and outputs, including Inter-Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG) timecodes, digital SDI, and sync out/in, users can enjoy faster, quality video streams to support modern tracking and video systems. The camera also features tri-level synchronization, giving operators the ability to synchronize the RS6780 image capture with other types of video output, such as visible or ultraviolet, where other cameras don’t. do not have a sync output/input option. Additional features include latching capability ideal for non-destructive testing applications and tripping. In addition to Gigabit Ethernet compatibility, the CoaXPress high-speed bus feature supports cables that are sturdier and less expensive than fiber optics.

Users can stream thermal data directly to a computer running Windows, MacOS or Linux, and for post-processing and analysis, the RS6780 is compatible with the FLIR Research Studio software application.

It also provides access to low-level detector settings and RAW data. This allows users to perform high-quality custom radiometric measurements on approximately 327,000 data points per image, to generate defensible data for research and development projects.

For more information, please visit the RS6780 product sheet on, including local availability, pricing and purchase options.

To see the RS6780 in person, please visit the Teledyne FLIR booth #1101 at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing exhibitionApril 3-7, 2022, in Orlando, Florida.

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