Terminator Survival Game in development at Nacon Studio Milan Rumor


Nacon announced the creation of a new Italian studio. Nacon Studio Milano will include RaceWard Studio, developer of RIMS Racing, as well as a second team working on “a survival game based on one of the world’s most popular film franchises”, considered the terminator movies. The team is growing thanks to the new project.

What we know about the Terminator survival game

Nacon Studio Milan’s second team will be responsible for action/adventure games. Their first project is a survival game based on a “world famous movie license”. The studio’s website features two concept art images taken from the new game. The image above clearly shows a gun shop with the Alamo Sport Shop sign. This is the shop that is featured in The Terminator movie, where the T-800 Terminator acquired his weapons before he set out to kill Sarah Connor. However, the other image shows an abandoned train station called City Hall, a location not in the movies or in the real city of Los Angeles, where the Terminator movies are based.

The game will be officially announced later this year. At the moment, the team is recruiting for quite a few different positions within the studio. The listings give very little, though they’re looking for a combat designer that includes both melee and shooter combat that will affect “heroes, villains, creatures, and vehicles.” There are also a few programmers listings for an “all new experience” coming to PC and console platforms. Meanwhile, RaceWard Studio will continue to focus on racing games, and “there’s always room to explore other game genres.”

In other news, a brand new Mafia game is reportedly in development at Hangar 13 despite management changes at the studio. Elsewhere, Activision blamed Call of Duty: Vanguard’s poor sales solely on its World War II setting.

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