The Battlefield series will be overseen by the co-founder of Apex Legends Studio


The Battlefield franchise will now have multiple studios working there under the supervision of Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella.

EA has announced several major redesigns for the Battlefield series which includes Apex Legends co-founder of the studio, Vince Zampella, in charge of the series. EA has confirmed that DICE will no longer be the sole developer of Battlefield and several studios will help flesh out the universe with Zampella’s supervision. Zampella has a long history in the FPS genre, dating back to the beginning Medal of honor and Call of Duty Games. After shipment Modern warfare 2, Zampella had spinoffs with Activision and co-founded EA’s other FPS studio Respawn, which went on to make Fall of the titans and Apex Legends.

In 2020, Zampella joined DICE LA. In 2021, the studio was renamed Ripple Effect Studios when it announced it was producing Battlefield 2042Battlefield Portal mode, a hub for the old school Battlefield games in the 2042 motor. The mode received some praise despite Battlefield 2042messy launch, but it looks like Ripple Effect has bigger ambitions. Although details are scarce, Battlefield is undergoing drastic changes that will significantly expand the IP.


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A new report from GameSpot notes that DICE, Ripple Effect and a new studio from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto will expand the Battlefield series in various ways under Vince Zampella. EA is keeping details of the plans under wraps, but Ripple Effect is developing a new “to live“for the franchise as Lehto’s team seek to flesh out the storytelling in the Battlefield universe. It all comes right after Battlefield 2042The number of players has dropped by 70% in a matter of weeks. EA COO Laura Miele thinks Zampella can help Battlefield to new heights, which is certainly needed after the dismal launch of 2042, indicating that “I think the structure, process, and vision it brings will allow Battlefield to excel like never before. No one knows shooters and live serves better than Vince. “

Battlefield 2042 patch 3 notes

For now, EA is committed to supporting Battlefield 2042 for at least a year. The company seems to want to continue long after this and part of what the Lehto team does will be incorporated into 2042. The series has been on shaky ground for the past few years, so it seems like a concentrated effort to create a unified vision and structure for the franchise going forward. With Zampella’s strong track record, it’s promising, but it’s unclear how well it will work in the long run.

DICE has released a massive patch for Battlefield 2042 this week and while it’s good that the game is patched, the patch contains a lot of content that should have been in the game on day one. With such a sloppy launch, there is a lot of mistrust surrounding the series going forward. Battlefield 2042 is a low point for the series, but at least EA isn’t giving it up just yet.

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