The Chase has attorneys in the studio and they had to step in after Bradley Walsh’s mistake


A new Beat The Chasers series is back, but host Bradley Walsh hopes lawyers won’t stop him from asking the questions

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Viewers claim The Chase is fixed after the clock stops at 1 second

While filming The Chase, there is an impending presence on set that viewers at home cannot see.

The popular ITV team quiz show, hosted by Bradley Walsh, usually goes like clockwork except for the collapse or laughter from the contestants.

However, sometimes things go wrong and the integrity of the show is called into question by angry viewers back home.

The episodes of The Chase are edited before being shown to viewers, with the three episodes they film per day taking 90 minutes each.

Bradley doesn’t actually get a chance to see the questions until they start filming, which has caused laughter such as the infamous ‘Fanny Chmelar’ incident.

However, that means it can get out of hand at important times – and that’s when lawyers need to get involved.

Bradley gets pretty excited at times


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While it’s easy to correct mistakes for most of the show, it becomes a particular problem during the tense final chase.

Brad is required to ask candidates a series of questions within two minutes and then do the exact same for The Chaser, so how accurately and quickly he speaks is a major factor.

The Final Chase is almost always filmed all at once, according to Bradley, but it can be stopped and restarted if the presenter stumbles over a question.

The lawyers are always there to make sure this is done fairly – even when reviewing what they just filmed.

“If there is a slight reading error, I am immediately arrested by the lawyers,” Brad told Radio Times.

“We have the compliance lawyers in the studio all the time. What you have to do is go back to the beginning of the question, literally on a videotape where my mouth opens – or where it is closed from to the previous question – and the question is re-asked. It is stopped at the fraction of a second. “

Bradley couldn’t handle this cheeky question



He added: “It means that no time is wasted for the competitor or the pursuer.”

On average, it takes Bradley 3.6-4 seconds to ask a question, which is pretty quick.

Admitting that he is aware of how fast he needs to go, the presenter said: buried in thirty seconds.

“I have to make sure they level up and get the correct answers to about 18 or 19 questions. That’s the real banana peel score. [that will trip the chasers up]. Once the hunters are in a rhythm, there is no way to stop them. They can answer 24, 25 questions in two minutes. We are even almost in our thirties. “

Over the years, there have been “corrective” claims about the speed of the questions and their ease, but the team can choose the set given to them in the final chase.

The production company behind The Chase employs an independent professional monitoring company called Beyond Dispute.

They make sure the questions are fair, balanced and chosen at random, which means the whole process is out of the question.

Bradley must speak very fast



There was a controversial incident where the clock appeared to stall during a final chase in 2016, leaving viewers enraged.

Mark Labbett appeared to get an extra second when the clock froze at 10 seconds and then climbed back to 11.

There was no way the tea would be caught and a spokesperson for The Chase explained that this was a mistake during the editing process and did not impact the real gameplay.

The Chasers are once again the largest quiz team in existence.

Usually Britain’s greatest brains go head-to-head against a team of competitors, but in the mind-boggling spinoff series Beat The Chasers.

The Courageous Contestants take on two, three, four, or all five Hunters at once for the first time, with a new series starting tonight on ITV at 9 p.m. ET.

Beat the Chasers is back tonight


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Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett, Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty, Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha, Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan and Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace join forces.

The exciting format means the Chasers have a clear advantage, but a loss is even more humiliating.

Normally they only let themselves down in defeat, but tensions start to erupt when they start to ask the wrong questions while they’re all as a team.

Bradley will call on the public’s hopes to compete in a hardcore version of The Cash Builder, which will see them knocked out immediately if they get the first question wrong.

They then have to choose the number of hunters to face – the incentive being much larger amounts of money to face more geniuses in the quiz.

Can anyone beat The Chasers this time around?

* Beat The Chasers airs tonight on ITV at 9 p.m.

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