The employees behind the IATSE camera make films and television shows. They may soon authorize a strike


For years, film workers have had to contend with long hours with tight turnaround times. Today, the IATSE, the union that represents the people working behind the camera, is threatening to go on strike.
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For the first time in decades, members of the film and TV crew are threatening to strike. Members of IATSE – the union that covers cinematographers, editors, costume designers and many other jobs behind the camera – say they are fed up with low wages and long hours without sufficient breaks.

“In fact, I had to leave a funeral so I could access my computer and start processing a draft that was due for release that day,” says script coordinator and IATSE member Shawn Waugh. “Feeling like your whole life is under production and the needs of a show are very tiring and harmful. “

Waugh tells KCRW he will vote to authorize a historic strike if unions and studios fail to come to an agreement.

These calls for change aren’t new – The Business repeats part of a conversation he had seven years ago with cinematographer and Oscar-winning activist Haskell Wexler, who fought for hours of work more reasonable until his death at the age of 93 in 2015.

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