The Head Season 2 coming from Hulu Japan and Mediapro Studio


Madrid-based production company The Mediapro Studio is teaming up with Hulu Japan Season 2 of the thriller series, The head. Season 1 was a huge success and debuted in over 90 countries. Director Jorge Dorado is currently directing production for the English shoot in Tenerife, Spain.

Dorado’s English-language Spanish series is a terrifying psychological series that follows Johan Berg as he attempts to solve the mysterious murder and disappearance of a group of North Pole seekers, The Winterers, as they traverse the darkest part of the world. darkest of the year for the region. With a killer on the loose and his wife among the missing, he must trust a young doctor named Maggie who is apparently the sole survivor and the only one with leads and answers to what happened while he was gone. Needless to say, the high stakes, isolation, and mystery make for a wonderful and thrilling ride.


The head Season 2 has an international cast with John Lynch (The terror, the fall) and Katharine O’Donnelly (Mary, Queen of Scots) returning to the top once again. New talents added to the cast for this season include Hovik Keuchkerian (Money theft, riot police), Moe Dunford (Chainsaw Massacre), Josefin Nelden (Restaurant), and Olivia Morris (Hotel Portofino).

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As for the new first roles recruited, the series welcomed Enrique Arce (Money Heist, Rifkin Festival), Nora Rios (Caliphate, heartbeat), Tania Watson (From time to time, Pioneras, The servants of Midas), Thierry Godard (Oussekine, a French case) and Sota Fukushi (Bleach).

Director of international content development at Mediapro Studio, Ran Tellemwill once again serve as executive producer of the series with Laura Fernandez Espeso, Javier Mendez, Bernat Eliasand Mariano Baselga. The production is expected to eventually leave Tenerife and return to Madrid to complete indoor production, but will later travel to Ireland and other locations in Spain for outdoor production.

Season 1 became the biggest hit series for Mediapro Studio with positive reception from multiple countries including major media companies such as HBO Max and Canal Plus.

The head takes the isolation and inaccessibility of the location and combines it with a perfect sense of impending doom and danger. The first season proved that Dorado knows how to create scares and tense atmosphere in an otherwise flat landscape through characters and circumstances beyond their control. Hopefully Season 2 will bring as much psychological thrill and thrill as Season 1.

There is currently no release date for The head Season 2.

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